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What is the digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the main component of this era for companies and businesses

Irene de Espinoza
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What is the digital marketing? – Marketings – WebMediums
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The technology and the advertising strategy sent to the Internet networks, thus grouping together forms of information that any user needs while browsing the enormous world of the Internet taking advantage of interaction on a global scale.

Use social networks, pages created with the intention that we see advertisements and audiovisual information.

What kind of marketing is there?

There are different types of marketing and all of these have one main objective, to bring the information to the person who needs a suggestion of a certain content or the exact reference of what they can search for. So now you will admire what types of marketing exist:

Digital marketing:

It is the complete opposite to the traditional one and to which we can contemplate embodied in physics.

This marketing is responsible as its name already indicates to the digital, it is made to generate interaction at the digital level such as in social networks, web pages and audiovisuals.

It is perfect for small and large entrepreneurs due to the enormous interaction they can have by breaking down barriers such as language with a single click.

What is the digital marketing? – Marketings – WebMediums
Strategies to generate sales

Outbound Marketing:

It is the most direct form of marketing, it tries to create direct information with the user who is aware and with whom he is not. It is known as intrusive marketing or as they would say abusive marketing.

It is an unorthodox method that forces you to see information whether you like it or not, this is seen in huge and colorful posters, such as advertisements on some pages where we want to see some type of film or video.

What is the digital marketing? – Marketings – WebMediums
Intrusive Marketing

Inbound Marketing:

This is completely different from Outbound Marketing, it is a strategy that instead of looking for people interested in your information, what they do is attract them without addressing them directly.

Like some companies that invite you to do surveys after using their product at no cost and asking them what they thought and if they would buy it, thus generating a type of fluid communication without commitment.

What is the digital marketing? – Marketings – WebMediums
Attract customers by getting to know them

Content Marketing:

This is a method that is easily used, it is about a person who offers information about a product, being relevant and even exaggerated in certain types of occasions so that the person feels obliged to buy it because of how good the product is.

They always give very positive information about the product and never say the negative, thus trying to motivate the person to buy it even if they do not need it.

What is the digital marketing? – Marketings – WebMediums
Content is the king of your website

Email Marketing:

This type of marketing is complemented by digital, since they send you emails with a direct link to the product so that you can see it and fill yourself with information, many times to hook the user they put offers or "unlimited" editions of it.

What is the digital marketing? – Marketings – WebMediums
Correos to build loyalty

Social Media Marketing:

This method is mainly the best way to have a contact with a consistent consumer of a brand under social networks, create ads, banners inviting the user to ask and learn more about him.

What is the digital marketing? – Marketings – WebMediums
Strategies for companies

Seo and Sem:

Its acronyms make up a wonderful way of doing marketing, since it refers to the search engines of your browser, everything you search, ask and visit on the internet this search engine gives you ads related to what you commonly look for.

What is the digital marketing? – Marketings – WebMediums
Marketing and positioning


It is the science of marketing, I study through advertising campaigns to analyze people's tastes, what they are looking for and what they want to have.

This marketing is done after they make advertisements, advertisements and even short films on pages to see the reaction of people to that possible new product that is or is not on the way.

What is the digital marketing? – Marketings – WebMediums
Understand the thinking of users

Tips for making money with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a method that has been used by many internet users lately, you don't need to know a person to start raising your economy.

You need a person who contains a company, brand or product and is willing to want to advertise it.

What is the digital marketing? – Marketings – WebMediums
Ideas with proven results

After having said client you become an affiliate who is the person who is in charge of managing a page or a type of blog that contains information about the product to advertise it and earn thanks to that money.

And finally, optimize the website with which you can show the content that you have thanks to the company or brand to start making money with the advertising that you are going to do.

There are certain types of pages that offer you just to be the affiliate without having to do all that research that can take time and possibly spend a little of your money for the acceleration of your study.

What is the digital marketing? – Marketings – WebMediums
Profitability with Affiliate Marketing

These pages provide you with information about certain brands or companies that want to be advertised, they will send you a predetermined web page, and it is unique (like an encoded page) that manages to count how many people have entered the product page thanks to your advertising.

Some extra recommendations

Before joining any page, take into account what product you are going to provide, because if it is not something completely good, they may not buy it or simply do not even see it.

Also, it must be good enough; you should not lie about the product, brand or service.

You should not significantly exaggerate the content of said product, that will make you a completely unreliable type of person, and it would be time for you to start manifesting said content.

What is the digital marketing? – Marketings – WebMediums
What do you sell? How do you sell it?

People when buying said brand or product will observe that the expectations you gave them were too great for the quality of it.

Being respectful, cordial, simple and kind will help a lot to get interested users who will surely buy from you because of the way you treat the public. All of that and the different types of marketing that you have delighted in reading.

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