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10 practical tips for your children to obey

Glendy Narea
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10 practical tips for your children to obey – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums
Children's behavior is the result of parental treatment

When we have children, our biggest dream is to see them successful and with an extraordinary life. And to achieve this, we must make them obedient, respectful and responsible people. A task that is not easy at all, but with these tips you can achieve it.

In any case, the first thing we should know is that they, from birth, are beings with unique personalities, tastes and decisions, which do not always coincide with our way of being or doing things.

Although many of us feel that we do our best, or what is in our hands to achieve it, we must be aware that we are the ones in charge of accompanying them in their personal growth and decision-making.

10 tips that will help you in the formation of your child

1. Demand obedience progressively and not instantly

You cannot pretend to have obedient children immediately. Like everything in life, this takes its process. For this reason, we advise you to start with easy tasks that they like, such as eating.

If your little one likes to eat everywhere except at the table, teach him that the correct place is the table. Of course, this must be accompanied by your example. Remember that they learn by what they see.

2. Explain everything, from why and what for

We all like to be explained the reasons and the results of doing something, much more to children.

That is why it is key that when giving an order you tell him why you are asking him and what will happen once he does it. Trust me, it does work!

3. Clear and simple instructions

The most recommended thing is to make eye contact and direct your child's eyes, if necessary bend over or crouch down to be at their level. And explain to him what you want him to do in a normal tone and with simple words.

4. Avoid giving several instructions at once

It is better to ask for one thing and when you finish that, ask for the other. Giving orders in a continuous and threatening way makes the child paralyze and do nothing.

5. Get him used to receiving the same order only once or twice

If you comply with the previous recommendations and the child does not obey the second time you tell him what to do, proceed to show him that disobedience has consequences, obviously without verbal or physical abuse.

A good option is to tell her that although they had planned to visit her grandmother that day, due to their disobedience they will no longer do so.

6. Praise their obedience

Obedience should always be praised and appreciated, but occasionally you can reward them with something they like. Although always the best prize for them is our love and hugs when they do things well.

7. Avoid constant punishment

Children become immune to situations that hurt them, that is, if you hit them constantly, there will come a time when the hit won't do anything.

The same happens with punishments, the most advisable thing is to exalt good behavior and ignore bad behavior, while showing the consequences of their actions.

8. Avoid the intervention of other relatives

Communicate to your close relatives the plan you are carrying out to improve the behavior of your children.

Explain to them that you need their help to see results, so you don't want to be unauthorized in front of the kids.

9. Be persistent

Although it may seem difficult at first and you may not see immediate results, continuing with the established plan will produce positive habits for the whole family.

10. And finally, a lot of patience

Patience and love are the keys to staying calm when our children do the opposite of what we are telling them. Showing them the value of patience is key and positive for their behavior.

Parents are the reflection of our children, and although it sounds cliché, it is so. They are watching how we handle our emotions in the face of things that displease us, for them to copy that behavior.

If we break the law, they will, if we lie, they will, if we don't control our humor, they won't either. So in order to have better children, our focus must be on being better people.

If you apply these habits correctly and with discipline, you will see the changes in your children and in yourself progressively and effectively.

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