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Beautiful biblical names for girls

Irene de Espinoza
3 min read

We dedicate this post to knowing the biblical names for girls. If you are in the sweet wait, you will love to meet them and even more, to know their meaning.

Many women in the Bible stood out in history for their unique qualities, women full of faith, love, patience, kindness and compassion. Their names set the standard, and today we can say that they have been carried by generations.

Beautiful biblical names for girls – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums
Biblical names for girls with the meaning and history of great women of faith.

Biblical names for girls with their history

Let's start with some names of great women in the bible that you will surely love:

  1. Sarah (Princess and Lady): Abraham's wife and mother of many generations, even in her old age she gave birth to a son as part of God's promise in her husband's life.

  2. Eve (Life): The first woman created by God, denoting the beginning of an interesting story.

  3. Esther (Star or bright bow): A woman with much momentum, known as a prophet and crowned as Queen. His life denoted fidelity to God.

  4. Bethlehem (House of bread): Despite not having a meaning with unique details, many mothers are delighted with it for being the city where Jesus was born.

  5. Rut (Beauty, friend): A really beautiful name, her story lies in a woman whose fidelity is denoted from start to finish. God granted him a new opportunity to live and make a family.

  6. Priscila (Venerable, beautiful and helpful): This name lies not only in its beauty for its meaning, but also in the dedication of a woman who accompanied her husband in preaching the word.

  7. Abigaíl (father's joy): A very peculiar name when in most cases we know that girls are the princesses of the house, pampered by dad. Abigail was David's wife and had a very important role as a wife and mother, considered prudent and of good understanding.

  8. Elizabeth (Promise of the Lord): Just like many women in the Bible, this one was characterized by her integrity and fidelity, after a long time God granted her the miracle of being a mother.

Beautiful biblical names for girls – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums
Names for girls that tell interesting lives.

There are many more names that may interest you, but we have highlighted some of the most interesting according to their origin and meaning.

Of course, many bet on Maria as the mother of Jesus, this can be combined and create names for girls such as: Maria de los Angeles or Maria Celeste.