Being fat does not prevent having a business

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When being fat does not prevent having a business, it was a surprise to me several years ago. I always went to buy cheese for women with a voluminous body to the market, who despite their texture kept clean in their small business.

Being fat does not prevent having a business – Mothers And Babies

Personal anecdote about my business

When I went to buy a pound of cheese for the first time I ran into a small business where I found women filled with happiness, I had a feeling of rejection as a first choice, I admit, I did not know what it was like to be a person, as I certainly thought the same way as everyone else.

That is, I used to believe that fat people were messy and discourteous in their way of proceeding and talking.

When I arrived at his cheese shop, I had a change of perspective in my mind, it was not what they seemed. His attention for customers who lined up when buying was excellent, nobody complained.

Some time ago on one of those days when, unintentionally, I noticed something that I had not noticed. I came to buy, then I realized the hands of the lady and her way of dressing.

Hygiene has nothing to do with weight

His hands were impeccable, you never found them with dirty or painted nails, his face also did not have a mud with this, I do not mean that the mud is an impediment to denote cleanliness. For this reason it was nice to buy cheese.

The image of them is attractive, which is why many men notice them, even several men walked behind their fat and striking figures. The reason for this was its freshness to attend and stay clean despite being fat and very fat.

Being fat does not prevent having a business – Mothers And Babies

There is no balance for love

This was so until one day there was a man who conquered the heart of one of them, by the way, who attended were mother and daughter. And the conquered was the daughter.

Well, as always nothing in the world is perfect, that man was so thin that seeing the two embraced was laughter. With this I do not say that it was ridiculous, but for me little knowledge in those times and what they said, they were synonymous with grace.

A moment when seeing this picture of that supposed "Unequal couple", something caught my attention, they never fought in their business.

Accept yourself as you are and do not live of what they will say

I better understood that to love oneself it was not necessary to be the same, but to accept oneself as he is. That way they created another cheese business, but this time it was a big cheese and butchery business.

Until now they are seen on the street as well. This means that they do not live on what they will say, they only live their lives and what people say is another issue for the unemployed.

Now, they go quietly down the street and nobody bothers them, this is because when a person is sure of himself and accepted, what he thinks the rest is on the floor.

Thus, it is not necessary to classify a person by his build, this is because nobody knows the capacity they have, or what kind of person they are. now, imagine that being fat does not prevent you from having a business. This is why you should surely like this job, because otherwise it would be a disadvantage.