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Breastfeeding and its incredible benefits

Discover everything this natural food can generate

Pierla Salazar
4 min read

Breastfeeding is the life that every newborn needs. Many people think that breast milk is just food for the baby; althought it's true that it's their first food, its function is much broader than just serving as a dietary supplement.

Breastfeeding and its incredible benefits – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums

It promotes protection against disease. Besides, it's known as the first vaccine that generates identity, security, nutrients, vitamins, love, attachment; and many more benefits.

And if you still don't know everything that you can generate for your baby through breastfeeding; then find out here.

What are the benefits of breast milk for the baby?

1. Generates antibodies

Breast milk is very safe; it does not go through chemical or pasteurization processes that can provide toxins to the baby.

On the contrary, it provides a large block of antibodies that strengthen the child's immune system, unlike processed milk that can cause diseases such as allergies, intolerance and even infections.

All the nutrients, calcium and vitamins that the infant needs are found in the mother's milk, which is why it is recommended as a wonderful option.

Even when the little one has a fever, the milk can be transformed into an antipyretic to lower its temperatures.

2. Create a healthy self-esteem

The little ones who are benefited by breast milk are more sure of themselves, because their attachment to their mother leads them to feel loved, protected and accepted ; These three characteristics promote healthy self-esteem.

3. Stimulates your IQ

According to several studies carried out, it has been known that babies who are breastfed are much more intelligent in the future and are endowed with cognitive, emotional and physical skills.

4. Create a bond between mother and baby

When a baby is breastfed by its mother, a bond is generated that promotes a pleasant, healthy, strong and emotionally stable future.

Every child after coming out of the womb needs to be close to the person who sheltered him for nine months, and what better way to be close through the attachment that breastfeeding promotes.

Breastfeeding and its incredible benefits – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums
Breastfeeding an essential food in the baby

What is the estimated time to stop breastfeeding?

In many mothers it is a personal decision, but specialists insist on breastfeed the baby for at least two or three years since they're born.

From zero to six months it should be exclusive, and from six months onwards it becomes a complementary food in the baby's diet.

If we talk about affection and self-esteem, there is a large current of mothers who spend three years of age exclusively breastfeeding their little ones, everything is up to the child and the mother.

Breastfeeding and its incredible benefits – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums

In case of stopping breast milk, it is always recommended going to a weaning specialist, because for a baby it is usually traumatic.

It's time to go back to the natural method

Many organizations today join the arduous task of defending breastfeeding, as a family that decides to feed their little ones naturally is ensuring years of health, safety and confidence in their children.

There are hundreds of chains that promote processed milk, and it is not bad, it serves for cases of children who cannot be breastfed due to external causes, but just as there are inorganic options, there are breast milk banks where kind mothers donate hundreds of liters of breast milk for those babies who need it.

Why is breast milk better?

Breast milk can last for hours out of the refrigerator, three weeks in the refrigerator, and up to two years frozen; Unlike a processed milk, which at the time of preparation must be used because otherwise it will be damaged.

Each baby is conditioned regardless of whether it is the mother herself, she adapts to the needs of the infant, as if she had superpowers and conforms to the child.

There are thousands of cases where relatives or mothers breastfed babies that were not theirs.

It is very economical not to mention that it is free. No matter how much the baby drinks, it never ends, because the baby's own suckling and the mother's healthy feeding have the effect that the milk reproduces itself.

Giving breast milk to our little ones should be the only option we have; that is why specialists recommend it exclusively until six months of age and then as a supplement until two years of age.

In short, breast milk is a valuable resource, not only to feed, it goes further, it takes us to raise the smallest of the house, and the benefits are innumerable.