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Children's Psychomotricity Games

Irene de Espinoza
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For us as parents, evaluating the development of our children must be very important, children's psychomotricity games are perfect for their growth.

You can play and interact with them while evaluating how they express themselves and generate movements. However, there are terms that you should know.

What is child psychomotricity?

This is the technique implemented so that the little ones in the house learn to dominate and coordinate motor activities. Control between your mind, body and expression of emotions.

Everything is based on the central nervous system and the priority will always be not to force the baby, but to stimulate their actions or movements.

Learning these movements is part of their development, however, if they do it with games, the adventure will be much more fun for them.

Children's Psychomotricity Games – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums
Child development.

Children's psychomotricity games: The ones you can do from home

Depending on the age of the child, different games can be implemented, we can talk about: balance, circuits, relay, laterality, gross motor skills and more.

The passage of the bottles!

This game is about balance and can be played by children aged 4.5 and 6 years. You will only need about 5 bottles, a rope, and two boxes.

With the palm of his hand and good balance, the little one will pass the bottles from one box to another walking outlined by the rope. You can't get out of it, if the bottle falls, it will start from the beginning.

Children's Psychomotricity Games – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums
They can be decorated to taste for children.

Simon says:

This game is one of the favorites in many children, and it is that following the voice of their leader or guide they will execute various movements and express authentic emotions.

You will only need to give an instruction and that is that they must do everything that Simon says (in this case you would be Simon). So the child can do various activities in a game nothing more. For example: Simon says that everyone stays in a single foot.

Children's Psychomotricity Games – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums
Interaction and educational fun.

They will do so and wait for Simon's next instruction. In this way you can do races or exercises that stimulate your motor skills.

tiptoe backwards

It's just about making small races with the little ones, of course in safe spaces in a certain line. However, the difficulty is presented by being a race backwards and doing it on tiptoe.

The ideal will be to compete with them and allow them to win at times, in this way gross motor skills and the development of self-esteem and competitiveness are exercised.

Traditional and educational psychomotricity games

These are the most common games used by children during their initial school period. The use of memory games, puzzles or puzzles, games with plasticine and school materials bring many benefits to children at this stage.

puzzle games

These psychomotricity games are part of the childhood of many children, you can find them for different ages, increasing their level of difficulty.

Puzzle games help the child's motor ability to fit pieces and at the same time visualize the space where they will place them. Then we can train fine motor skills by working on vision and movements.

Children's Psychomotricity Games – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums
Mental skills with puzzles.

In addition to them, children will develop problem-solving skills, ideal for strengthening their minds as they grow.

Playdough games

The development of fine motor skills is one of the main reasons to get play dough games for our little ones. Especially when they are between the ages of 2 and 5. These should always be supervised to prevent them from ingesting it.

Its ideal composition to be molded allows the child to develop movements with his hands full of creativity. The use of your hands and fingers is the essence of being able to play.

Children's Psychomotricity Games – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums
Shapes with plasticine for motor skills.

It also helps us recognize colors, and allows for better literacy development for the child later on.

The figures made with the plasticines will help you to have more ease when taking the pencil and starting to write.

Then the visuomotor capacity is exercised, in the creation of figures. The fine and gross motor skills and the creativity of the little one.

the path of footprints

In this room, with white or colored sheets we will draw a few footprints. We will also use other of the leaves to draw other things, in this way it gives a little difficulty.

The path of the footprints consists of placing the leaves interspersed so that the little one only travels through those that are footprints without touching the others. So until you reach the goal.

Children's Psychomotricity Games – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums
The path of footprints.

You can do several levels according to the age of the child, you can implement time and of course perhaps work with colored sheets for a better exercise of their psychomotricity.

There are many games that exist to improve children's psychomotricity. Games that do not require resources and some that do. Of course, in all of them, the ideal is to be able to interact completely with the children, and to evaluate their abilities.

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Juegos de Psicomotricidad infantil
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