Games to learn multiplication tables

Dan Mart
Dan Mart
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Until today you will have problems with the multiplication table. Do you know why? We're going to teach you several games so you can learn multiplication tables.

If you are already an adult and you have a pair of children that are tormenting you, making you questions about mathematics, this article will also serve you. So do not get distracted and do not even stop reading.

What was a nightmare for you all your life, today you can see it from another angle. We will put at your disposal several ways to learn to multiply in an easy and fun way. Let's start ...

Tools to teach multiplication tables

Each teacher of mathematics has his particular way of teaching the multiplication table. Some use their fingers, others put sticks or columns on the board, and so everyone has their strategy so that students do not feel as if they live on the moon.

Games to learn multiplication tables – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums

However, there are also teaching tools that guarantee you a simpler learning Next we will show you three physical games They will serve you very much.

1.- Close the box

The popular game "Close the Box" now has a version for teach the multiplication table which was designed by the citizens.

As in the traditional version, players must add the two numbers that came out on the die and then lower two tabs that add the amount. Example if in the die it came out 3 and 2, both add 5, so you must download two tabs that add 5.

Those can be 4 and 1 or 3 and 2. In the game you can add that you ask people how much is 3 for 2 to incorporate multiplication.

2.- Make the Board

"Make the Board" is another of the physical games that with few materials you can carry out so that you can learn the multiplication table.

The first thing you should do is to design the game board in an attractive way. Take a small tour as if it were dirt and divide them into squares. Use at least six different colors and paint each of the boxes you made.

Then you must place different multiplications in other smaller letters using the six colors. In this way, when the player falls into a box, one of the multiplications of the color that corresponds to him at that moment will be read.

To be able to advance, you must answer correctly, otherwise you will stay in the same place. This game encourages learning and competitiveness. It is very attractive for children.

List of games to learn multiplication tables

As well there are numerous videogames that you can find on the internet to learn how to multiply. Two of the most famous are "Happy Burger" and the "Race to Multiply."

Games to learn multiplication tables – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums

The first is about a restaurant where to prepare the hamburger requested you must respond well the multiplication required. While the second is about a race, where you must drive and simultaneously go answering the multiplications to be able to go faster.

Videos to teach multiplication tables

In the well-known Youtube portal you can find several videos that also help you learn the multiplication table.

Some of the most famous are "Tricks to Learn Multiply Tables", uploaded by the user "aProfessor"

and Multiplication-Videos educational for children, uploaded to the web by user Aula 365.