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How to organize a Baby Shower for new mothers

Irene de Espinoza
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How to organize a Baby Shower for new mothers – Mothers And Babies
How to prepare a baby shower. What should you know about it?

The Baby Shower or parties to welcome the birth of a baby, are organized with the purpose of celebrating the arrival of a child to the family; and it is the most important occasion where everyone attends with a gift.

It is an important date to feel grateful and blessed for the fortune of being bearers of a life that will fill your days with joy and hope.

Baby Shower Popularity

In each country the way to enjoy this unique moment in the life of parents and relatives is very different. It is determined by its customs and traditions that go back many years.

Some of these countries take it as rituals, religious or cultural events, where they prepare the mother for the process of childbirth, birth and upbringing of the child.

How to organize a Baby Shower for new mothers – Mothers And Babies
Gifts, games and more at baby showers.

The most popular festival that has transcended borders is the one celebrated in the United States.

Its acceptance has been so great that it has reached other parts such as South America. Actually, it is already customary to hold a welcome party for an unborn child.

What happens at baby showers?

Initially, only women met where through games and stories of anecdotes that grandmothers normally told.

Experiences and experiences related to motherhood were shared, offering advice to the future mother, for the process of raising the child.

How to organize a Baby Shower for new mothers – Mothers And Babies
The closest friends, family and more in celebration.

These parties were modernized by incorporating men so that they could also live the experience and enjoy the future parents as a couple.

Currently, it is customary to honor dad and mom and they take a gift to the future baby.

You must take into account the following:

  1. One or several hostesses can be designated in the event that the future mother does not want to be part of the preparations, the hostesses will be the ones who organize the decoration, food, drinks, music, games and surprises that can be done at the baby shower.

  2. It is important to know what budget you are going to have, from this financial availability is that you can start creating ideas and start the preparation process.

  3. Once the budget is known, the decision will be made to choose the place where the baby shower will be held, taking into account the number of guests and the amount of furniture that will be used.

  4. Selecting a theme or motif that identifies the parents is essential to meet their demands, thus making them feel happy and joyful when it is the day of the big event.

  5. Everything must combine each element needs to be coupled under the same shades, designs and textures from the invitation cards to the decorations that will be placed in each place, so that there is harmony in the environment.

No detail should be missing, no matter how small, this will define the level of quality and organization in the event. In this way the guests will get the best impression and there will be a nice memory of the party prior to the birth of the baby.

How to organize a Baby Shower for new mothers – Mothers And Babies
Outdoor baby shower.

Keep a list with all the ideas

A very important piece of information that will be of great help when starting the preparations for the entertainment is to take note of all the ideas. Also all the purchases that you want to make.

It is very useful to prepare previous plans for preparing meals because it is a very delicate factor and it takes a long time to carry it out.

Usually, meals are usually made days before the event that are easy and safe to preserve in order not to leave everything for the last day. This will be an advantage to designate time in other activities.

How to organize a Baby Shower for new mothers – Mothers And Babies
Baby shower food.

When the day of such a precious event arrives, the emotion is on the surface, the guests do not miss the opportunity to give advice to the parents of the little one that is to be born.


There are many games that can be played, as well as riddles and surprises that are made with the intention of publicizing the episodes that pregnant women go through.

How to organize a Baby Shower for new mothers – Mothers And Babies
Games for parents and guests.

One of them is the growth of their belly, funny situations such as giving an adult a bottle or the demonstrations of men that they are capable of changing diapers or taking care of children.

Like any celebration, the honoree receives many gifts, but in this case, daddy and mommy are ready to show them to everyone and thank them for the gesture of affection they have for them and their baby.

It is a magical date full of many experiences that you will enjoy with your loved ones and will have beautiful memories that will later be related to the child who was praised, thus demonstrating the satisfaction they had in making such a precious moment.