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How to overcome the death of a dream baby?

Pierla Salazar
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Going through the stage of losing a baby is not something that parents can easily overcome.

Every year around three million babies lose their lives during their gestation stage, this number can triple, since there is no control of records of the exact number of children who are not born.

How to overcome the death of a dream baby? – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums

A baby is a dream that is born in the heart of the parents from the moment of its fertilization, and that dream dies when there is some interruption in the pregnancy.

The loss of the baby can be triggered in two stages; From week one to week 28 if there is any loss it can be called abortion and from week 28 onwards it is called prenatal death.

Whether before time or after, what is real is that since it appears positive in the pregnancy test, millions of illusions are born in the parents' lives.

Many prenatal deaths could be prevented with proper care, medicines, devices, food, etc.

What are the symptoms that occur when a baby is being lost?

The most common symptom is constant, abundant and permanent vaginal bleeding, although if you bleed during pregnancy and there is immediate intervention, the baby's care can be channeled. But if the first symptom of a loss is the presence of bleeding, accompanied by strong cramps in the abdomen.

How to overcome the death of a dream baby? – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums

The cramps come as if they were contractions, strong stomach pains, especially in the lower abdominal area. To this pain is added that of the back, it is very similar to the pain of childbirth.

When bleeding, if you notice that clots come out of the vagina, you may be facing a loss of the baby.

It is necessary that you call the doctor from the presence of the first symptom. The fever is another important factor, many mothers get a fever because perhaps they have days with the loss, and they did not realize it.

Causes of losing a pregnancy

The causes can be many and classified by trimester, since a baby is conceived in the mother's womb, illusions are born, but also threats that seek to counteract the life in it.

Among the causes in the first trimester we can find an abnormal development of the embryo, hormonal problems of the mother, a force carried out that produced the detachment of the placenta, problems of the uterus.

As the quarters go by, they can affect possible causes such as:

  • Infections in the mother

  • Sudden death,

  • Placental abruption in the mother

  • Preeclampsia

  • Funicular causes product to the umbilical cord

How to overcome the death of a dream baby? – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums

It is always good to consult with our doctor to be in check-up and monthly control avoiding any irregularity.

What is perinatal grief?

Perinatal grief occurs due to the loss of the baby during pregnancy or moments after even being born, it is a very raw and painful moment.

Two processes come together, life and death, it is something very difficult to explain, parents are eager to celebrate the life of their baby and suddenly death knocks on their door.

It is a very strong shock especially for the mother, because if the baby dies after the third trimester or at birth, the mother's body is ready to take care of the life of a baby who has died.

How to overcome the death of a dream baby? – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums

For example, their equal breasts prepare to give milk even if the baby is not there, and this is something extremely painful and difficult to overcome.

Although it is difficult to overcome, it is not impossible, and it is necessary for parents to mourn the loss of a being so loved and loved as a child is.

How to overcome the loss of a child before birth?

Many parents feel that they have lost everything, illusions, dreams, love, will to live, because when a child is lost before birth, it carries with it all the illusions and joys that both parents and relatives had with their arrival.

Within the deaths in the baby, we find three terms in which we can list the three types of death:

Early death when the baby is in the first trimester of pregnancy, late death when the baby is in the second trimester, and full-term death when the baby is in the process of being born.

The loss of a child creates an emptiness, misunderstanding and silence that cannot be explained.

Many parents can take months to recover, they do not need to hear that they can quickly look for another as if they were buying a product, a child represents a piece of heart for their parents, that when they die they go with them and even if new babies come in the future, there will be nothing that can fill that space with your heart.

Stages of grief in the death of a baby

Losing a child is a very strong pain, we were not designed to bury, or watch our children die, that is not the law of life.

When this happens, parents face different stages of grief or grief. There is an emotional, personal, spiritual and family imbalance that must adapt to this new reality.

The stages of grief in the death of a baby are:

The first sadness, an enormous pain that is not easy to control, dark, gray days, full of tears, loneliness, tears, questions and questions, misunderstanding.

How to overcome the death of a dream baby? – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums

The second stage is that of loss, resigning ourselves to the fact that we cannot change reality, we have lost a battle, our baby died, he is no longer with us, it is a stage of assuming that the greatest pain that our child has died.

The third stage is integration, when as parents we have overcome the pain, and it is up to us to assume life with the reality that we have lost part of it.

A star baby and rainbow baby

It is that baby who leaves while his parents still dream of him, the one that leaves this earth without his parents being able to hold him in their arms, but even so, they already loved him madly.

Their star name is because although they cannot touch, feel, nurture, they are loved and will always be present in their hearts, just as the stars are present in the sky.

How to overcome the death of a dream baby? – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums

Today there are many parents who have a star baby, many couples have been victims of this strong pain, but it is necessary to move on, because after a star baby comes a rainbow baby, the one that is born after the loss of the previous child.

A rainbow baby represents a pact of a new dawn, that all is not lost and that there is goodness in our lives.

For many parents the illusion of looking for another baby is difficult and painful, but suddenly the good news arrives, and a rainbow comes out after the rain.