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How to sleep well during pregnancy?

Maria Fernanda
4 min read

The subject of night rest during pregnancy can be difficult for some women, especially when they are close to completing it.

The reason for this is that due to the development of the fetus, mothers find it difficult to sleep on their stomachs. So, it is uncomfortable for them to find a position to sleep.

If you find yourself in this situation, read these questions that will help you remove all doubts and, thus, be able to fall asleep.

Is there a sleeping position that bothers the baby?

First, it is essential to debunk myths. In truth, there is no position that the mother adopts to sleep that hurts the fetus.

How to sleep well during pregnancy? – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums
Sleeping in pregnancy

So you can be calmer. Now, this does not have to be a concern, since the baby has several defense methods that protect him from external stimuli.

In addition, the probability of this happening is nil, because a great trauma is required for the fetus to be injured.

Can you sleep on your stomach during pregnancy?

During the first weeks if you can do it, you may not even notice the difference, but as the pregnancy progresses it will become more uncomfortable to do it.

Of course, it all depends if you slept on your stomach before you got pregnant. The truth is that it is very relative, some mothers do not find it annoying and others do.

Besides, it cannot be determined in which week you can no longer sleep in that position, not because you hurt the baby, because this does not happen, but because you no longer tolerate it.

What's more, you will be able to identify when that sleeping position is not the most favorable for you.

What is the best sleeping position during pregnancy?

It is a very frequent question and, like everything, there is no better position than another.

Mothers want to know if sleeping on the side to the left or to the right is more convenient for them and for the baby.

This question arises from the fact that doctors often recommend adopting a left lateral position. However, the important thing is the context.

How to sleep well during pregnancy? – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums
Pregnant woman sleeping

In general, it is usually in the weeks close to the end of the pregnancy, because there are studies that suggest that there is better blood flow to the baby if the mother is positioned in that position.

Of course, this does not mean that all mothers should do it, it is simply a limitation, that if you can apply it is would be perfect, but if not, there are no problems.

Is it advisable to sleep on your back during pregnancy?

If the mother tolerates it, yes. However, there are pregnant women who may feel short of breath or dizzy.

This happens because weight can press on some blood vessels and decrease blood flow. There is no specific week when such an event occurs.

The recommendation is that you can sleep on your back, without prolonging that position. After a few minutes you can turn to the right side or to the left side.

Does little sleep affect the baby?

In some or most women, they cannot sleep well, either due to anxiety or stress.

Also, they believe that this harms the fetus in some way. However, this is not so. The person affected by poor or poor sleep is the mother, not the baby.

How to sleep well during pregnancy? – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums
Sleeping poorly during pregnancy

Rather, what can affect the baby is your anxiety, since he can perceive it, but not the lack of sleep.

What you can do is relax before sleeping, listen to quiet music, shower with hot water, among others.

Is it advisable to sleep with pillows during pregnancy?

If you want to sleep better during pregnancy, the first tip you have to put into practice is to sleep with pillows.

Pillows will help you balance your weight. In this way, if you sleep on whatever side it is, it is advised that you place a pillow near the abdomen, between the legs or on the back.

In the market you can even buy different types of pillows for pregnant women, which are ergonomic, adapt to your silhouette, and you will feel better.

In relation to the above, another recommendation to sleep well is that you place a pile of pillows and lie your back on them.