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Meals for babies 6 months and older

Irene de Espinoza
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Meals for babies 6 months and older – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums
Chopped vegetables, baby food.

A healthy diet requires a lot of care; We show you some options in meals for babies 6 months and older. Remember that before this time the exclusive use of breast milk or formula is recommended.

As mothers we seek help to know if our baby is well fed or not. We show you the first foods for babies.

The first thing you should do: Go to the pediatrician or nutritionist

You should know that your baby can now consume new types of food, of course without inventing, but more associated with the fact that his stomach is still growing and we must be very careful.

Your baby's pediatrician will guide you on the foods that you have to incorporate, you decide little by little which one to add, while your baby continues to grow.

fruit porridge

One of the favorite foods that you begin to incorporate into your baby are the rich fruit porridges. They love sweet fruits and we can make small portions of porridge for them to discover new flavors.

The porridges are very easy to make, in the case of the apple porridge we place a pot with 2 cups of water to boil with about 2 diced apples. After 10 minutes, remove it from the heat, let it rest and blend.

Meals for babies 6 months and older – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums
Porridges are excellent snacks.

Let rest and serve your baby in his favorite bowl. The apple has its own sweetness, it will not be necessary to add sugar.

The banana is much easier to make, as you only need to mash about 2-3 bananas in a bowl and then serve it to your little one.

The purées are starting

Just like the porridge, the purées also begin to be incorporated little by little. You can add these at lunchtimes, and it can be potato, carrot, banana, celery, sweet potato, among others.

Chicken, a small piece of what we know as breast and red meat can be added to the purees. You can vary them according to the days of the week.

The purée is made in the same way, it is like making a vegetable cream. You place a pot to boil with the vegetables you have selected (previously washed and chopped), and the piece of chicken or meat, and let cook for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Meals for babies 6 months and older – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums
Purees for your lunch hours.

You can add a small pinch of salt, very tiny actually. Then you blend your parboiled vegetables and you can add a small branch of spinach.

Serve when it is at natural temperature so that the little one does not burn. You will see how trying their purées during their lunches will make you have a much healthier diet.

Meals for babies 6 months and older – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums
Puree to liven up your lunches.

What juices can accompany baby food?

Well, we can talk about two in particular to begin with: apple juice for being excellent at the moment of causing good digestion and grape juice that fulfills the same function.

However, you can give them melon juice, very mild of course. Milky juices and some soursop, strawberry and blackberry juices. The latter can be done with separation times.

Meals for babies 6 months and older – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums
Natural juices for babies.

Citrus juices are not yet recommended, however, if you wish you can try a small flavor just to get to know its flavor.