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New mother What to do?

All the advice you need to face motherhood

Pierla Salazar
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Conception comes with happiness, the long-awaited news, the long-awaited surprise, many new parents want the arrival of their baby, but they also feel confusion and fear of not doing things well.

There is no school for parents that teaches us how to educate, how to be a mother, or how to be a father; let alone tell us why exactly a baby cries, or everything he feels or wants.

It is until we have that tiny body in our hands that we begin to experience what it is like to be parents for the first time.

New mother What to do? – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums

Although there are no schools or universities for parents, there is a lot of documentation that can give us a broad overview of what we can and cannot do before, during and after the arrival of our babies.

What are the symptoms in the first phase of pregnancy?

The first thing you should know is that pregnancy can be divided into three stages; The first stage may not be able to fully notice the physical changes, but if there are many hormonal changes, these promote some symptoms that in most cases are extremely unpleasant.

There are women who during the first stage of pregnancy experience the following: nausea, dizziness, vomiting, heartburn, cravings and even repulsion to certain foods, mood swings and sleep.

In many women one or all of these symptoms appear, the good thing is that they are only evident in the first three months, so there is no need to worry.

New mother What to do? – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums

If you are being the protagonist of any symptom or in the worst case, of all the symptoms, we recommend that you calm down because they only last three months.

You can take this time to rest and plan what you need for the baby's arrival in the coming months.

There are women who focus so much on the symptoms that they stop seeing pregnancy as a joyful stage, and it seems like it was a disease, so we recommend keeping your mind occupied so as not to focus on the symptoms.

Physical changes in the second trimester of pregnancy

Already in this stage the symptoms disappear and the physical changes begin, the belly begins to be noticed; keep in mind that there will already be pants that won't close, and in some cases as early as the third or fourth month, moms can feel their baby moving.

Also in this trimester parents get to know what gender the baby is and can plan his name, decorate his room and choose the colors of his repeat.

The baby at this stage begins to grow healthy and strong, many organs are already formed.

Final stage of pregnancy

Already at this stage we must be prepared because it is the final phase, the baby's growth is accelerated, his movements are more abrupt, the weight of the placenta begins to put pressure on the bladder.

It is the opportune moment to have everything ready, baby's suitcase, clinic, gynecologist, up-to-date exams, vaccinations and above all to take care of ourselves with a balanced diet and very healthy routines to await the arrival of the baby.

What you should know what happens in the body during pregnancy

Your body will never be the same again, because it ceased to be one, and now it is the warehouse, the room of another being, your hips begin to widen just like your waist. Your belly begins to grow and the skin stretches as far as it can to accommodate this new creature that is on the way.

Your breasts are preparing to be the channel through which the little one will be fed, many women can swell, so it is advisable to have a balanced diet, walk and be always hydrated.

Another important factor is the large spots on the belly and armpits.

What to do in the face of all these changes?

Do not worry about these changes, they are normal, and even after delivery you may or may not experience what many moms call postpartum depression, because we are experiencing something that we never imagined we were going to experience.

Adapting to a new world is not easy at all, so you start those feelings or sensations that we are alone in this, and it is not like that.

New mother What to do? – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums

The physical, hormonal and emotional changes will come, but you must control them, do not feel bad, experience them, but understand that the satisfaction of having your baby in your arms does not compare with any symptom or change that may come in these nine months.

Preparation during pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is good that you attend prenatal classes that can help you during pregnancy and then at birth, you must go monthly and in the last months every fifteen days to your gynecologist.

Do not stop taking the vitamins that the doctor indicates, since both are for the growth and strengthening of the baby, they will also help you, because the baby in the belly feeds on your nutrients, so you must be healthy and strong.

Baby growth and development

The baby will grow in stages as the pregnancy develops.

The first months will be beautiful, the first thing you will hear in your consultation with the doctor will be his heart, and it is the first thing that forms, then you will be able to see certain movements in his head and hands.

New mother What to do? – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums
Baby growth and development

By the third month he can already perceive certain stimuli that may be done to him, in month four he is already developing and moving with more force, in the fifth month he can already perfectly hear the voices of his parents or whoever is speaking to them.

In the sixth and seventh months his that triples, he has hiccups and can play with his hands.

In the eighth month his organs are fully developed, and his weight continues to grow exponentially, preparing for the meeting with his parents.

By month nine he is in position to reach this land to meet his parents.

Check List: Everything you should have in your bag

Make a list of things your baby needs for the day of delivery and when you are home. You can do it for months and taking an inventory of what you have and what you lack; among all things you cannot forget:

  • Diaper bank

  • Baby clothes

  • Thermometer

  • Wet toals

  • A pacifier if necessary

  • Blankets

  • Bedsheets

The same for you, you must pack another suitcase, one with comfortable robes or pajamas, slippers, mother's bra, comb, sheets.

Avoid scented creams or scented soaps because they can harm your baby.

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