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Paternal absence: How does it affect child development?

Importance of fatherhood in infants

Pierla Salazar
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Paternity is the condition of being a father, it is coverage, protection, shelter, it is a unique language between the child and its parent, it is the sustenance that the offspring needs, a man agrees to fatherhood when he has procreated a child.

Paternal absence: How does it affect child development? – Mothers And Babies

Paternity changes both lives, that of man and that of a child, this second having a father comes with insurance to this earth, because his guide becomes a very large umbrella that will protect him in times of storm, he will be a guide that will teach you to take the necessary steps to face life.

What does a child expect?

What a son who comes to this earth expects is that the man who procreated him knows and is willing to assume his role as father. That his father can understand the important responsibility that he has generated and manifest fatherhood over his life.

Every child expects protection, love and affection, a child also needs direction, correction and mentoring, all this can be offered by a father, because he represents access to the world.

A dad has the access key

If the mother represents love, shelter, attachment, care, the father is the one with whom the child leaves his mother, because a father is the key to access to language, culture and society.

Most of the children, the first word they say is "dad" there we are giving access to language, and long before when the baby from the womb hears his father's voice, he immediately jumps and at birth recognizes his voice.

Paternal absence: How does it affect child development? – Mothers And Babies

Although we want to modify our behavior, most of us are what our model father even if in some cases he was not present.

Role of a parent

The superhero of the children will always be fathered, although in some families he does not behave as such, for a son his father will always be a super powerful man.

Only with the passing of the years this perspective can change if the father does not fulfill his function, if there is abuse or if there is abandonment, and it is serious because what is triggered is harmful to the health of the future adult who today is a child.

A father is protective, all human beings need to feel protected and that function is only perfectly fulfilled by a father, so when the father figure is not in a home, we can imagine how the children and the family feel.

A father is authority, and if there are many things that mother cannot carry, because just by listening to the voice of a father a child can change.

That authority assigned to the father is to direct the lives of his children. In a house where there is no parent, there may be a lack of direction, because the child will seek to hear many voices.

Paternal absence: How does it affect child development? – Mothers And Babies

A father is dynamism, action, games and fun, the tasks and responsibilities of the house belong to mother, from the mother you will hear phrases like "go fix your room" from father you will hear "we are going to watch a game" "we are going to play" Every home needs both condiments otherwise there will be a difficult void to fill.

How does the lack of a father figure affect?

Many mothers say a famous phrase "I am a mother and father at the same time" this is a mistake, a mother can assume the reins of a home and carry the weight of a family abandoned by a father and that is valuable, but what never can do is fill the dimensional void left by the absence of a dad.

It is something that is difficult to overcome in the little ones and that with the passage of time if it is not healed in the inner world, it can bring consequences such as rebellion, pride, or copying the same model.

An absent father is generated by not being able or unwilling, many households are victims of the death of a father, others of the desired abandonment, in both the effect is identical because it is a function that remains without a vacancy, without a substitute who can help.

Paternal absence: How does it affect child development? – Mothers And Babies

Absent father syndrome

Nowadays, the percentage of conventional families has been reducing little by little, and it is more common to see houses where the father figure is not present.

Especially in Latin American countries, many parents leave home in search of a better future and over the years many parents end up leaving their home and rebuilding their lives in another country.

Paternal absence: How does it affect child development? – Mothers And Babies

Each child needs a model to grow, and it is in his father that he achieves that bond, although unfortunately he is distorted by the reality of his absence.

The absent father syndrome is born when the father is not present for various reasons, in some cases he may be physically present, but if the father does not fulfill his paternal role, the home will be a victim of the absent father syndrome.

Consequences left by the lack of a father at home

Children who do not have the figure of a father present, generate low self-esteem and have little self-confidence, many remember that the one who teaches them to ride a bike, to swim, to ride skates or to face some risky situation was always their father.

Imagine in a home where those scenarios did not exist, then a young man and an adult will grow up without confidence in his actions, a person fearful of the future.

Paternal absence: How does it affect child development? – Mothers And Babies

Distrust of those around him, if a father abandons him, he will remain for others, this is how children who have felt abandoned by his father figure think, and although mother does everything to teach them that she is with them, they will always think that others also will abandon.

Other consequences are emotional, behavioral, socialization, safety problems and even mental consequences in some cases, as some absent parents promoted psychological damage in their children through physical and verbal abuse.