Tips for using lipsticks

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They have asked us for some tips for the use of lipsticks because every day we find different reasons, colors, sizes and even flavors and vitamin carriers, but if we have something clear, it is that not all lips are the same and each lipstick must adapt to the necessity of the occasion.

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An essential tip for the use of lipsticks is to know our lips in depth, do not be fooled by highly provocative advertising of products for perfect lips. It is natural to have thin, large or full lips, as well as some blemishes caused by the weather, dehydration or a lack of vitamin.

Once we know the size, shape and condition of our lips, it is time to buy the perfect lipstick for us.

The colors to use depend on our skin tone, although red is for all tones it has become so common that it has gone out of style in recent years, so we must adapt the lipsticks to your own lips.

If your skin tone is dark, you should use colors that bring clarity to our face, giving it a bit of life, so it is easy to find natural or pink colors.

If your skin tone is light, on many occasions we recommend natural colors to your skin tone, but if you want to change your style, orange, violet (light) and pink colors make a good combination.

For those with an intermediate skin tone, we can use any of the above lip color in medium or soft tones, in addition to using brown and ocher.

The use of glitter is at your own discretion and depends on the occasion. We recommend natural glosses that do not change the color of your lipstick and that provide only firmness, since we have found some that give the feeling that our lips have grown in a few hours.

To finish, we again recommend putting on makeup thinking in conjunction with our face, do not use different colors to try to find perfection but soft colors and according to your eyes, your powders, your lips and your outfit. Follow our tips for using lipsticks and surprise with provocative kisses.

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