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Alec Bladwin accidentally kills a woman with a utility weapon on set

The director of the film Joe Souza was also injured

Dilis Salazar
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Alec Bladwin accidentally kills a woman with a utility weapon on set
Alec Bladwin accidentally kills Halyna Hutchis on recording

While filming the cowboy film adapted to the 19th century, Alec Bladwin in one of the western shots "Rust", fired a prop gun that he believed had been unloaded and unexpectedly ended the life of Halyna Hutchis.

Halyna Hutchis, 42, was developing as a cinematographer. At the time of receiving the impacts, she was taken to hospital but died.

Joel Souza, 48, was also injured in the accident. He remains in the intensive care unit of the Christus St. Vicent Medical Center at the Santa Fe facility.

In a statement from the AFP Agency, it was known that the 63-year-old actor voluntarily spoke with detectives about what had happened.

Filming was halted and psychological help was offered

For the entire production team, the loss has been terrible, which is why the filming was interrupted. This information was released by the Baldwin team.

The company in charge of the filming process issued a statement, in which it said that the entire team is "devastated" by the fact, and promised to offer psychological help to all the people who work for the filming.

The police have not pressed charges against the actor, but the case continues to be investigated, while they interview those who were present in the accident.