All about the adaptation of Kanojo mo Kanojo

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Kanojo mo Kanojo. It is a series published for the first time on March 4, 2020, created by Japanese Mangaka Hiroyuki, and whose numbers have been collected, so far, in 4 volumes.

All about the adaptation of Kanojo mo Kanojo – Movie News – WebMediums

History is about Naoya Mukai, a high school teenager, who starts an affair with her childhood friend, saki Saki., and soon after his classmate, Nagisa Minase, declares his love. After a series of events, Mukai decides to go out with both at the same time, and the series tells the experience that is lived in the love triangle.

The manga will be encouraged by the Japanese studio Tezuka Productions, in charge of adaptations as "Black Jack", "Kimba The White Lion", "Phoenix 2772" and the 2009 movie "Astro Boy".

All about the adaptation of Kanojo mo Kanojo – Movie News – WebMediums

The scheduled release date is for July 3, 2021 and will have the collaboration of the singers Miki Sakurai, singer Go-tōbun No Hanayome, and Tatsuhiko Saiti, Song singer like Ocean de Kimi WA Kanata.

At the moment, the amount of chapters that the anime will have, and the duration of these will be unknown, or until part of the story is going to cover. But, it is possible that, if successful, Kanojo mo Kanojo. It will have new seasons in the future, since the manga is not finished yet.

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Todo sobre la adaptación de Kanojo mo Kanojo
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