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Arabic Netflix movie sparks controversy for addressing taboo topics

Luis Rafael
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Arabic Netflix movie sparks controversy for addressing taboo topics

On January 20, the first Netflix original movie in Arabic was released, its name is "Ashab wala Aaz", since its release date its viewers have increased abysmally, to the point of being the movie with the most views in the region of the Middle East.

The production is an adaptation of the Italian film "Perfect Strangers" in the Arabic version.

This new version is having as much success as the original filming. However, it is also causing a lot of controversy in the Middle East for addressing taboo topics such as sex outside of marriage and support for homosexuality.

Obviously, Netflix'sAshab wala Aaz” has given much to talk about in South Asia, the filming has generated so much controversy that public figures and actors have been verbally attacked for being involved in it. Egyptian actress Mona Zuki has been attacked by the media for collaborating “Ashab wala Aaz”.

Intervention of politicians

Netflix's original filming has caused offense to the Egyptian state, since some Egyptian politicians when watching the film publicly intervened against the film and has been classified as "bad influence" for the country of Egypt.

The Egyptian politician Mustafa Bakri, who holds the position of deputy, asked the president of parliament to stay with the Ministry of Culture so that he informs them about the type of measures they establish for this type of film, which "are bad influence and damage the mind".

Artists create a movement to defend the actors

The union of the actors of the Egyptian nation united before the protests against the filming, and the attack on the actors of the film and decided to launch a statement through the media:

“The Actors and Artists Union will not stand by any verbal attack or attempt to scare any Egyptian artist or belittle him as a result of a work of art he contributed to.”

About the movie “Ashab wala Aaz”

It is directed by renowned film director Wissam Smayra and the lead actresses are Mona Zaki and Nadine Labaki.

The film is about a group of friends who, at a party, decide to place their phones on the counter to read and listen to each other's messages aloud.

Then, during one of the messages, they discover that one of them is homosexual, and his companions decide to defend his sexual conduct, in addition one of them receives a message, and it is revealed that she is cheating on her husband. Both are taboo subjects according to Egyptian culture and are currently in the spotlight.


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