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Disney + falls short of subscriber goal and competition grows stronger

Netflix leads the mouse company thanks to the variety of content it offers

Darwin Nexans
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Disney + falls short of subscriber goal and competition grows stronger

The coronavirus pandemic has increased the consumption of online content by millions of people around the world, a situation that video subscription platforms have taken advantage of to strengthen their businesses, however, Disney + has not done very well this year.

This was reported on Wednesday by the mouse company, which said it had not reached Wall Street estimates, regarding the number of subscriptions to its paid streaming service, for the last four months of the year, amid strong competition.

According to what the company reported, in the fourth quarter of the year, it managed to reach 118.1 million subscriptions, and its goal was to reach 126.19 million.

Disney + falls short of subscriber goal and competition grows stronger

The main competitor of Disney, and of all subscription video platforms, Netflix reached 4.38 million new followers who paid for the service between July and September, to amount to 213.6 million subscriptions worldwide.

The rise of Netflix was due to "The Squid Game", which allowed it to add some 4.4 million new paid users.

On the other hand, it was also known that Disney did not reach the estimates regarding the quarterly income that it expected, since in this last four months it obtained income of 18.530 million dollars, and in that same period last year it obtained 14.710 million. Analysts estimated that the company would make about $18.79 billion in revenue on this date.

In this sense, it should be noted that the net profit of the video content company for payment was 159 million, which is equivalent to 9 cents per share; while its loss was 710 million dollars, 39 cents per share, a year earlier.

Disney + or Netflix?

Disney + falls short of subscriber goal and competition grows stronger

There is no doubt that Netflix is in the first place, the numbers do not lie, but let's analyze a little why perhaps Disney + fails to surpass the giant of paid video platforms.

In the first place, the critics of these platforms affirm that Netflix stands out for the variety of content it offers, in its catalog you can find content for children, youth and adults; while Disney + is focusing on disseminating entertainment material for the family market niche, with special emphasis on children.

Critics have mentioned that perhaps Disney + could reach more audiences and therefore subscriptions, if it decided to give more relevance to the content it has for adults with Fox productions, for example. In addition to this, when it reports the most traffic, it is during the premiere of the Marvel universe tapes.

Price per subscription and image quality

Here it is Disney + who has the advantage. The company of the mouse has two forms of payment: cancel monthly, or annually. Whichever method you choose, 4K image quality is always available.

On the contrary, Netflix offers different plans, which vary according to the quality of the image.

In addition, Disney + offers the opportunity for its subscribers to access the platform from four devices at the same time, while Netflix varies the connection permissions per device according to the type of plan.

Premiere of productions

Disney + falls short of subscriber goal and competition grows stronger

In this section, the point is taken by Netflix, which does not skimp when it comes to releasing series and movies, monthly the platform launches new original content, which keeps different types of public captivated.

Disney + in this task is slower. The company launches basically at the beginning of each month.