Does Alicia Sierra die in the Casa de Papel?

Suria Ibañez
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Does Alicia Sierra die in the Casa de Papel? – Movie News – WebMediums

It is not news that the Netflix series La casa de papel has become a success, since the third season was released, fans have been going crazy with the ending. If you already saw it complete, you are sure with your hair on end to know what will happen and any detail that the actors can give us is welcome for that reason when recently the actress and singer Najwa Nimiri hung a photograph we went crazy and crazy next season? Could it be that they will finish off Alicia Sierra? Will she die or was she just hurt?

The paper house initially deals with the robbery of the National Mint and Stamp Factory and on their return they go to the Bank of Spain but this time for a different reason and with Lisbon by their side (if you don't know who it is, run to see her). The series was a success that even in São Paulo, Brazil and CDMX, Mexico robberies were carried out that are presumed inspired by this series.

In the last season we wonder if... Love is an ally or an enemy for the teacher? Well, that detail is perhaps the one that leads the operation to failure. Alicia Sierra is in charge of taking the catch in the third season and without a doubt we can see that she is cold as ice and nothing fears her, however... Could it be her end?

You could believe that thanks to the image he posted on Instagram where he appears with a bloody face, however it also makes us think that it could be a simple confrontation in which he was injured or could it even be the blood of another character?

The reality is that we still do not know, and we can only wait for the fourth season but without a doubt we are already looking forward to it.

Does Alicia Sierra die in the Casa de Papel? – Movie News – WebMediums
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