Henry Cavill will be Sherlock Holmes in the film "Enola Holmes' by Millie Bobby Brown

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Missing a few days for his grand entry into Eleven and the monsters of Upside Down screens Netflix, the new project of the recognized Millie Bobby Brown, will present in its new cast and new actors.

Henry Cavill will be Sherlock Holmes in the film "Enola Holmes' by Millie Bobby Brown

Inside them we find a beautiful young actress who has been accompanying films like kaijus in "Godzilla: King of monsters", Brown will play the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes, who will play him Iron Man in person, Henry Cavill

It should be noted that in Nancy Springer's books they narrate the adventures of Enola Holmes, which will reach the screen being starred by ' Stranger Things', thanks to information provided by Entertainment Weekly, it is known that you will not be alone in this wonderful adventure of cinema. Since the actor who starred in the last Superman movie will be who gives life to the character of Baker Cavill street detective.

They also join others like Sherlock Holmes as some character from the world of superheroes, such as Benedict Cumberbatch, Robert Downey Jr. or Ian McKellen.

It is to know that Henry Cavill he is not the only confirmed interpreter to accompany Brown in the film. Actress Helena Bonham Carter will show her motherly side to play the mother of the youngest Holmes.

Still waiting to confirm if new names for the cast will be directed by Harry Bradbeer (' Killing Eve') and with a script by Jack Thorne (' Dark Matter').

While it is true that the new version of Sherlock Holmes will not be the only one we will find in theaters in the coming years. After 10 years of its premiere' Sherlock Holmes 2: Shadow Play', Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law will return to be part of the team as Holmes and Watson in the new film of Guy Ritchie's detective, it is believed that he will be the director again, although nothing is confirmed yet.

In the year 2021, december will be able to see Baker Street again, for your audience to make their own criticisms of both versions.