Is Selena Gomez preparing a biopic?

 Jender Milano
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Selena's fans have just received news that, although not confirmed for now, has moved them. Apparently, the young star is preparing a movie that would deal with his life and there is no better gift for his millions of fans than to be able to sit down and enjoy the experiences of his favorite singer.

Is Selena Gomez preparing a biopic? – Movie News – WebMediums

Where does the news of Selena's autobiographical movie come from?

Apparently, he has been seen lately with a cameraman and not precisely at the place of one of his concerts, Selena walked no less than the place where she comes from, specifically the town of Grand Pairie, Texas.

2 + 2 is 4, say the fans and the paparazzi, apparently everything points to the making of a documentary where all the issues of the singer's life are touched and with a high probability that it is she herself who is the real center of history, the advantage of making autobiographical films with the artists in full swing is that you don't need to use doubles.

Will Justin Bieber appear in the possible documentary about Selena?

There is no shortage of those who take not a step, but a complete race in front of events and of course, without official confirmation about an eventual autobiographical film about Selena, they ask whether Justin Bieber will appear with Selena Gomez or not.

However, without encouraging speculation, logic indicates that Justin's participation in a project of this type will be a bit difficult, since his relationship with Hailey Baldwin would undoubtedly be greatly affected, not to say that it may represent a de facto breakthrough to shoot any kind of movie with Selena.

The proximity of her next album, a project to which Selena has put a lot of affection and which is eagerly awaited by millions of followers, has made many calculate, with some logic, that if the realization of this project is true, it may be contemplated releasing it alongside the album to make them a big boom in his career.

Is Selena Gomez preparing a biopic? – Movie News – WebMediums