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Jackie Chan's new movie: at 67 he's still in the world of cinema

Luis Rafael
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The actor will star in a film in the comedy category with dramatization overtones, in which he will also show his adoration for all animals. This will be a new film that will be published in 2022, filming began a couple of months ago.

Jackie Chan has no idea what retirement from acting means and, at 67, is now on the set of his next movie. The most recent project that the martial arts actor has done.

Jackie Chan stands out with his martial arts techniques at 67

Jackie Chan's new movie: at 67 he's still in the world of cinema
Jackie Chan's new movie: at 67 he's still in the world of cinema

The last we heard from the actor was that in 2020 he made the movie “Vanguardia”, a filming that was based on an action story in which the actor demonstrated all his combat skills and saw his 67 years in perfect condition when playing movies risky.

Chan is going to start making comedy movies

For this 2021, it has been reported that he will move away from activity films, since he will star in a filming categorized as a comedy, with a dramatic background, which is called "Spirit of dragon horse" or also known as "Ride on".

In the movie, Jackie Chan plays a man with great martial arts skills named Lao Luo, who actually has a deep bond with his gimmicked horse, Chitu. They're both going to have a lot of adventures during filming, and they're going to make a big impression on viewers.

Lao Luo will go on an excursion seeking the help of his daughter (Liu Haocun) and her suitor (Guo Qilin). Variety says that, the film will have a lot of comedy and will move many people with the love of a man for his tender horse and the unfolding of the man and his horse.

Start of filming the film

It is important to know that the beginning of the filming of the filming "Ride on" was in the month of September and ended on November 11, however, some scenes are still culminating.

According to a media report, the creation celebrated the end of filming with a huge party, which included a gift for the co-star horse.

Regarding the delivery date, Alibaba Pictures has not declared an estimated date for its release, however, the media shared that it is planned to hit theaters in China in mid-2022.

Jackie Chan's most recent film, the action horror film “Vanguard,” can be viewed on the Hulu and Amazon Prime platforms.