Marvel Universe without Spider-man? Sony and Disney break agreement on character rights

 Jender Milano
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A few hours ago, fans of the Marvel Universe received news that has fallen like a punch from Thanos: the agreement between Sony and Disney on the character rights of Spider-Man has been broken, and it is likely that we will no longer see the arachnid hero in the movies of the Marvel Universe.

Marvel Universe without Spider-man? Sony and Disney break agreement on character rights

Marvel fans position #SaveSpiderMan on Twitter

With little to do in the face of the disagreement between the two giants Disney and Sony, the followers of the saga have not stood idly by and from the networks, more specifically and especially from Twitter, they have positioned several labels in an attempt to attract attention and generate a current of opinion that pressures the agreement so that Spider-Man continues to be present in the Marvel universe.

Disney owns the Marvel studios, the agreement reached in 2009 allows them to use all the characters we see in the MCU, except Spider-Man, the rights to the popular hero belong to Disney and to use it in the Avengers movies has had to be reached to previous agreements that, apparently, have come to an end.

Two hard blows to a rising movie saga

It is what this disagreement represents that has the fans upset, first there is the fact that Avengers EndGame became the highest grossing film in history, this gives a boost to the films of the incredible Marvel Universe, without ruling out that some new phase IV film can beat that record.

Second, there is the story of Tony Starks and Spider-Man, a master-disciple relationship that has managed to move fans of the MCU, especially since the death of Iron-Man in Avengers EndGame.

Marvel Universe without Spider-man? Sony and Disney break agreement on character rights
The story of IronMan and Spider-Man as a teacher and a disciple very excited the fans

Of all the Spider-Man films, the one that closes phase III of the Marvel Universe, Spider-Man far from home, is the one that has raised the most at the box office in the entire history of the hero, managing to exceed $1 billion, for this reason now Disney demands a percentage much higher than the 5% that corresponds to them for the rights of the character and apparently, the figure they ask for is too high for Sony or at least they have not accepted it.

Tom Holland as an actor has been in the middle of the struggle of these two giants and, although it is said that he still has a movie to shoot as part of the previous Disney-Sony agreement, nothing is clear, since Sony had also planned to make a couple of films on his own, but including part of the plot that comes from the MCU.

Fans are waiting for official statements from Sony and Disney about the final result of the negotiations and the future of the Marvel Universe and while, why not, keep the HT on Twitter to apply pressure.