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Productions that will premiere Amazon Prime Video for March 2022

Luis Rafael
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Productions that will premiere Amazon Prime Video for March 2022
Productions that will premiere Amazon Prime Video for March 2022

Recently, the department in charge of distributing content on the platform announced the list for the month of March. Every month the Amazon Prime Video company releases new original productions from the platform and new movie titles.

Since 2022 began, the company has increased its hype with the presentation of various series and movies such as 'Invensible' and 'Reacher'.

For this reason, the directors thought of the best options to start this new month with a program full of the best plots in the small screen industry.

Series and movies Amazon Prime Video premieres for March

In this article, we are going to announce which are the next Amazon Prime Video original productions in premiere that will be available from the first week of March.

'Star Trek: Picard'

The new version of the post-apocalyptic classic will be presented in a series produced by Amazon Prime Video in the coming weeks.

The story will recount the life of Jean-Luc Picard with his crew, the events will continue the sequence of the previous installments. In this new adventure the crew will have to travel to the past.

In his journey to the past, Picard will have to recruit new people to help him during his journey, he will meet characters new and old to fight a great adversary. It is about the representation of the dangers of planet earth in the 21st century in a race to save the future of humanity.

The new season of the series 'Star Trek: Picard' will be available on Amazon Prime Video from March 4, 2022, presenting its 10-episode season.

'My Son'

The movie 'My Son' is one of the most anticipated original productions that will premiere on Amazon Prime Video of the year. It recounts the life of an American family made up of Edmong Murray (the father), Joan Richmond (the mother) and their son Elliot.

Edmong is a man obsessed with his work who often spends more than 10 hours in the office without resting or going home. During a day at work, he receives a call that will change his life completely, when he is informed that his 7-year-old son has been missing for several hours.

Later, Edmong and Joan begin a desperate search for their son, later coming to the conclusion that he was kidnapped and doing everything they can to find those responsible.

This new film will be available on the platform from March 1, 2022.

'The Comeback Trail'

In this new Amazon Prime Video proposal, we are presented with the filming of ' The Comeback Trail ', the film that features the performance of three great legends in the film industry.

The plot relates the life of Max Barber (Robert De Niro), who is one of the biggest producers of the moment. He must pay off a large debt to the local mob boss (Morgan Freeman) and will have to figure out how to get the sum of money in record time.

During a brainstorm, Max comes up with the idea of hiring Duke Montana (Tommy Lee Jones), who was a fading star, to film a new movie. Max's goal is to create an excellent work of art by scamming the insurance to pay off his debt to the mafia, however, they get better results than expected.

The premiere of the new production of " Amazon Prime Video " is scheduled for March 4, 2022.


This time Prime Video will renew the series 'Upload' with a second season full of fiction and comedy.

The new episodes of the comedy will reveal the arc of Nathan who is confused and must decide between continuing with Ingrid who returned to Lakeview to strengthen his bond with him or continue with his life.

To all these, Nora will be involved with a new rebel group that is against technology called 'The Luds'.

In the next 10 episodes they will thoroughly explain the new concepts of technology to understand the new events of the plot, but with the comedy that characterizes 'Upload'.

Season 2 of the series will be available on Amazon Prime Video from March 11, 2022.