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'SEVENTEEN' premieres the film 'The power of love' in theaters in Latin America

Luis Rafael
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'SEVENTEEN' premieres the film 'The power of love' in theaters in Latin America
SEVENTEEN premieres the movie 'The power of love' in theaters in Latin America

The k-pop band has stood out in recent months thanks to its virtual musical presentations via Instagram and the premiere of its recent songs. ' SEVENTEEN' has decided to expand their market beyond the music industry, as they want to venture into the world of the big screen and television entertainment.

Therefore, the South Korean band announced the premiere of their new movie called ' SEVENTEEN: The power of love ' which will be available in various countries of the accidental hemisphere.

The group of fans 'CARAT' from Latin America has expressed support for their idols and will be appearing in theaters for the premiere date of the musical tape.

The artists decided to start documenting relevant moments of their career, since, after the premiere of the "Love & Letter" shows, fans began to speculate about an upcoming new documentary that would talk about the beginnings of the boyband's career.

The members thought it was a good project and decided to meet CARAT 's expectations and get down to work.

About the new movie 'SEVENTEEN: The power of love'

The upcoming ' SEVENTEEN ' project will be coordinated by record labels 'Geffen Records' and 'Universal Music Group', who will collect unpublished information about the K-pop band's trajectory.

The film, which will be arriving in theaters on the American continent, is categorized as a musical and documentary that will have testimonies from the 13 members of the group.

It will record more than 8 years of ' SEVENTEEN ' career from the day of their debut to the moments of the first separation.

The concept of ' SEVENTEEN: The power of love ' is a love song in film format, where viewers will be able to enjoy a new format in ScreenX, 4DX Screen or 4DX, depending on what fans choose.

During the filming, we will observe all the concerts in high definition of the band, the behind the scenes and unpublished interviews never before revealed.

In the introduction of ' SEVENTEEN: The power of love ' highlights the incorporation of each of the boyband's achievements, which will draw the attention of CARAT and the viewers. Among the prizes are:

"Five platinum albums in South Korea, on the US Billboard 200 charts for two consecutive weeks, and at number one on the Japanese Oricon chart, the group dominates music charts around the world," he says. the website of 'SEVENTEEN' in the official synopsis of the film.

'SEVENTEEN' premieres its movie trailer

Last Wednesday, April 20, ' SEVENTEEN' decided publish the first official advance about his next documentary.

The trailer has a duration of 1 minute in which you can witness their most recent presentations on ScreenX and the testimonies of Carat's most favorite idols.

The new movie ' SEVENTEEN: The power of love' will be debuting on the big screen starting April 21st in Cinépolis, Cinemark and Cineplanet theaters. The production will be available for Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Argentina.