The director of Dark Phoenix’s explains what went wrong with the tape

Jesús Tremont
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This past Friday July 14 the director of the fourth installment of films of the new universe of Xmen: Simon Kinberg, has offered a statement regarding what (according to him) "went wrong" in the process of completing the newly released X-men : Dark Phoenix.

Dark Phoenix is ​​the last film in the X-men saga that began with X-men: First Class in 2011. This new series of films promised to be a reboot and a new account with respect to the original saga, and most of was, delivering great films like X-men: Days of the future past, and today, Friday July 14, culminating the franchise with its fourth installment.

Dark Phoenix was publicized as the final piece that would close once and for all the X-men franchise that FOX produced. a franchise full of highs and lows, naturally, but that left us all wanting more with such iconic films as: 'Logan' or the aforementioned "X-men: Days of the future past ", as with performances that brought legendary characters to life like Wolverine, Hugh Jackman or Charles Xavier, by Patrick Stewart.

However, the promotional material of the film did not fully prove to be up to expectations, coupled with a set of negative criticisms that emerged from audiences who managed to access early screenings of the film, all indicated that the film directed by Simon Kinberg was not up to the demands of the fans, not to say that he was not able to generate enough interest in the masses to assume an attractive option in the cinema, a fact that was reflected in the disastrous weekend of opening that only could collect $ 32.8 million dollars at the box office; considerably lower figure compared to previous deliveries in the franchise.

Recently, director Simon Kinberg gave an interview to the podcast "The Business" at KCRW where he specifically explains how the changes in the dates of departure (of the film) and the recent acquisition of Fox by Disney were factors that impacted the realization of the film and how he will not use these previously mentioned to excuse himself.

"Clearly [Dark Phoenix] is a movie that was not able to connect with the audience that did not see it. Clearly [the film] did not connect enough with the audiences that did see it, so it's my fault, "Kinberg said, although throughout the production there were (in fact) several drawbacks that Kinberg was able to emphasize. , like the forced release date, which was never personally planned by him.
"I always felt that we had [assigned] a particularly [launch] date for this film, [Dark Phoenix] was not made like a classic superhero movie, it was made as a more dramatic and intimate film. Originally I was going to leave in November, then I was going to leave in February and those were the dates that would have seemed more appropriate to me."
"He also thinks that releasing it [the film] five or six weeks after what could perfectly be the most important film, or the second most important in the history of cinema, which also happens to belong to the genre of superheroes, was hard for us "He explained," and I always anticipated that it would be hard to be in the wake of that movie, but I would not blame it at the opening [weekend]. "
Sophie Turner in her role as protagonist.

Kinberg also gave brief statements regarding the acquisition of FOX by Disney, suggesting that throughout the process there were large numbers of employees being fired or resigning on their own, in addition to a notable lack of performance in various departments such as advertising due to the chaotic situation, which became a situation where he was always more concerned about the conditions of his colleagues and family members than his film.

Despite the possible causes, Simon Kinberg took full responsibility for the state in which his tape was screened, while very cordially acknowledging that (according to him) Disney were the best at what they did and that he was aware that the inconveniences occurred during the filming of his film were circumstantial.


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