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The error in Eternals is explained by Marvel actress

Guzmán Leal
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The error in Eternals is explained by Marvel actress – Movie News
The "bug" in Eternals occurs during the final battle.

After passing through the big screen, Eternals has finally reached the streaming platform, Disney +. With this, also came a huge number of unknowns and questions related to the end of the film.

In the face of growing criticism, involving actress Lia McHugh in her role as Sprite, in an interview she has been in charge of justifying the ending.

Eternals ending explained by Lía McHugh Spoiler alert!

As we will know, McHugh was in charge of embodying the character of Sprite, known as Duende.

In the final scene, we could see how Duende betrays Sersi, his sister, during the last battle.

Let us remember that, The Eternals are beings considered as extraterrestrials, since they were created by cosmic deities known as The Celestials. This group of superheroes has always lived in the light, but this time they must fight their enemies par excellence: the Deviants.

The error in Eternals is explained by Marvel actress – Movie News
Sprite is the youngest member of "The Eternals".

Going into detail, during an interview with Inverse, the Sprite actress emphasized that her character's actions were guided by pain. Specifically, McHugh commented:

Duende's motives in the end were driven by his pain and his desire to forget. A lot of what he did he never would have done, really. He wanted Arishem to win, so he could erase his memories. She wanted to forget her pain because it was so horrible, so deep, that she couldn't take it anymore. He needed to forget it at all costs, so he could forget Ikaris. But Sersi is his sister. He knows her very well. He understands how terribly difficult this has been for Duende. I don't think she blames her. He found forgiveness for Goblin, the same way he did for Ikaris.”

Thus, at the time she betrays Seri, it was her emotions that acted for her, as well as the desire she had to forget.

All of that ended up resulting in a choice that was quite questioned by Marvel fans. Even to the point that the film has less than 50% of the score on the famous critics page, Rotten Tomatoes.

Seri's reaction

Beyond the actions performed by Goblin, Seri was finally able to understand that everything was driven by her emotions.

In this sense, of his own free will he forgave Duende's betrayal, understanding that bearing that pain was a draining point in his life.

Let's understand Duende's pain

We must emphasize that the character played by McHugh is a celestial being, so he is considered immortal. In this sense, he has lived on Earth for centuries, witnessing the saddest and most painful moments in human history.

However, his deepest pain is related to the affection he feels for Ikaris, the character played by Richard Madden. And it is that, as a result of his immortality, he had to witness the romance that exists between the latter and Seri.

Still, out of the same love he has for Ikaris, he was the main reason for agreeing to join the Eternals group. Everything, with the aim of supporting him in the fight against Tiamut, a character who wants to destroy the planet Earth.

During the final fight, one of the most controversial scenes was when Goblin decides to stab Seri, conditioned by all the emotions she has experienced.

However, he manages to pull himself together and aid his companions in the battle against Tiamut, turning him to stone in the end.

After all this, Duende makes the decision that he wants to stop suffering, and the solution is to become human. To do this, he asks Sersi to grant him his wish with the remaining energy so that he can stop feeling so much pain.

The error in Eternals is explained by Marvel actress – Movie News
In the end, Seri forgives Goblin in "The Eternals".