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The Netflix platform premieres "Encanto" the film inspired by Colombia

Luis Rafael
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This Thursday, November 25, Encanto, a Disney movie inspired by Colombia, hits the big screen. This creation includes in its history the delight, the culture, the customs, the individuals, the geology, the vegetation of the country through its traditional music and the essence of its people.

To make the film, the producers went to Colombia and visited some regions, such as Cartagena, Bogotá, Barichara, Salento, Palenque and the Cocora Valley.

In these places, the group found the charm that inhabits the region and chose to start from that point to make "Encanto", which also has all Colombians with incredible assumptions regarding what the film will show, which, as indicated by the people who participated in it, is the side of the coin that the whole world should see.

The Netflix platform premieres "Encanto" the film inspired by Colombia
The Netflix platform premieres "Encanto" the film inspired by Colombia

What is the movie "Encanto" about?

Encanto brings to the big screen a story with a lot of magic that shows the existence of the Madrigal, an unprecedented family that lives hidden in the mountains of Colombia, in a supernatural house, in a dynamic town, in a magnificent place known as Encanto.

Her charm has favored each of the children in the family with an extraordinary gift, from gigantic strength to ability to heal... all but Mirabel.

However, when she discovers that the sorcery surrounding Encanto is in grave jeopardy, Mirabel concludes that she, the main Madrigal without mystical powers, could be the last expectation of her remarkable family.

Who are the directors of "Encanto"?

Behind the film is the group of filmmakers who introduced "Zootopia", the Oscar-winning animated film in 2016. Those in charge of this wonderful shoot are "Jared Bush" and "Byron Howard". This time, celebrities added co-director Charise Castro Smith for the filming of the movie "Encanto".

Before having a reasonable idea of what "Enchantment" would be, the producers considered portraying a remarkable place brimming with witchcraft, and most importantly, one that has not been shown before in the way in which they wanted to represent its story.

The creators chose Colombia for its cultural beauty

A dear colleague proposed going to Colombia as a simple choice, arguing that it was a country with enormous variety, a place brimming with history, nature, wonderful scenery, delicious food, and nice people. At that point, they chose to meet up with the group and begin the exploration.

The film is, above all, an anecdote about families, which investigates the motivating and, at the same time, complicated connections that exist between their culture, in particular those in which coexistence at home extends between generations.

"You can live with your parents, your brothers and sisters, and still not realize what they are going through. You have no idea of the totality of their disappointments, you do not know anything about what they do not speak. What are the unofficial information that nobody counts? That seemed so interesting to us, "said Jared Bush.

Byron Howard was in charge of portraying every detail of the culture

This whole cycle was difficult for the group and the film directors, who would have preferred not to avoid any details regarding the film.

"The most disconcerting for us was to capture everything as it should be. There are characters that are from various areas. You have to be careful with all accents, with appearance, be spotless in everything that is asked to show the embodiment of what It's Colombia, "said director Howard.

The production staff brought together a group of advisers called the Colombian Cultural Fund, which added specialists in human sciences, costumes, organic sciences, music, language, design, and different parts of the country.

The Afro-Colombian writer Edna Liliana Valencia was important to this asset, managing everything related to the animation group.