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The new film 'The Gray Man' announces its premiere on Netflix

Luis Rafael
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The new film 'The Gray Man' announces its premiere on Netflix
Netflix's new movie 'The Gray Man' announces its streaming premiere.

Netflix, announced the premiere of its most expensive tape of 2022, is currently the center of media attention. This will be one of the most risky proposals of the streaming company, based on a psychological thriller of the homonymous novels by 'Mark Greaney'.

' The Gray Man ' is a film that has been in development for 2 years; the filming of the series was interrupted by the pandemic; But recently, the directors of Netflix decided to break the silence and publish the first images of the filming, and reveal the official synopsis of the tape.

The American actor 'Ryan Gosling' was interviewed by 'Variety'; During his statement, he stated that the plot will involve his viewers from the first moment and will have a focus on 2 stories that will be narrated simultaneously. He also stated that he will play 'Gentry' in the new 'Mark Greaney' story.

About the production of 'The Gray Man'

The film is a suspense, action and espionage production that is created and directed by the directors and screenwriters 'Joe Russo' and 'Anthony Russo'. The cast of The Gray Man is led by 'Ryan Gosling', 'Chris Evans' and 'Ana de Armas', the rest of the cast will be revealed each week by 'The Russo Brothers'.

The tape will have a duration of 2 hours and 50 minutes, because after the modifications of the scenes it was extended to better cover the details for its sequel. 'Joe Russo' and 'Anthony Russo' revealed the first official images that offer clues about the first scenes that we will be seeing in the thriller.

In the images they reveal that 'Ryan Gosling' will be played ('Court Gentry'), who is the most accurate and skilled mercenary of the CIA. 'Chris Evans' will be acting as the story's antagonist ('Lloyd Hanson'), 'Court's' ambitious former partner.

Official movie synopsis

The plot follows the mercenary 'Court Gentry' who acts as an undercover CIA agent. After several illicit services carried out under the espionage of the CIA, 'Gentry' will have to move from his town and remain undercover, since some millionaires put a price on his head.

The goal of the protagonist is to maintain his anonymity and take care of his daughters from the shadows.

However, his life begins to turn into chaos when his ex-partner 'Lloyd Hanson' begins to persecute him with the mission of assassinating him. Although 'Hanson' was always a great friend of Gentry, some Nigerian businessmen offer him a multi-million dollar contract in exchange for the head of the former CIA agent, to discover state secrets.

Over time, Gentry will have to move to a different country in order to survive, and prevent the secrets of the United States from being revealed. On the other hand, he will have to watch over his daughters who think that their father was assassinated after being 'expelled from the CIA'.

The new film is scheduled for the date of July 12, 2022.