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What do we know about the new Brad Pitt movie?

Guzmán Leal
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What do we know about the new Brad Pitt movie? – Movie News – WebMediums
Apple Studios would be the producer of the film.

Renowned for being one of the best actors in Hollywood with many films behind him, at 58 years old Brad Pitt still has to give. In this case, they report Apple Original Films is winning the race to other companies in the production of a new film of the actor.

It would already be the second time that Pitt has partnered with Apple in the production of a movie.

In this sense, he is already assured of a film in which he would meet an old friend and who was his co-star: George Clooney.

Everything that is known about the new Apple production

Through Deadline sources, it has been possible to ensure that Apple would be winning the fight against other large streaming companies. It does not mean a small thing if we consider that Netflix, Disney + and Amazon Prime have been stomping in the beginning of this new year.

What is known at the moment is that the plot will revolve around the world of racing. However, it is not yet clear if Formula 1 will participate officially and directly in the production of the film.

Likewise, Pitt is expected to play an important role within the plot, where it is rumored that he would be more associated with a mentor role. It means that it would be a veteran and retired rider who would be in charge of advising a much younger pilot.

There is also talk of the participation of Lewis Hamilton in this film about Formula 1

One of the most prominent rumors is the possible participation that will have the seven-time award-winning British rider, Lewis Hamilton. Famous for his great steering ability on the tarmac at high speeds, the young driver would seek to try his luck on the big screen.

What do we know about the new Brad Pitt movie? – Movie News – WebMediums
Lewis Hamilton would have an active participation along with Brad Pitt.

As he highlighted in an interview in 2019 where he pointed out that “I don't know if I will be good at it, but I will try”, he will try to keep his word.

However, there is no doubt that with Pitt, Hamilton will have great advice regardless of his role in the film. The latter is still not very clear since its participation in the new production acquired by Apple has not yet been confirmed.

About the address

Barely counting on the acquisition by Apple, we still have a lot to know about the cast that will make it up. However, it was known that the direction will be in charge of the vision of the well-known Jerry Bruckheimer, producer of the acclaimed Top Gun.

This is a director who has experience when it comes to career movies.

In this sense, if we take a look back we remember that he directed "Days of Thunder" in 1990. It was a project that was produced together with Nascar and featured Tom Cruise at his peak as the protagonist.

In short, it is a production that Apple Studios has great faith in, given that they are willing to shell out a budget of approximately $140 million.