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Will Smith remembers the aftermath of sexist violence that he experienced in his family

Luis Rafael
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During the month of December, the memoirs of Will Smith will begin to be distributed, in which the American actor, director and rapper, who became the highest-grossing movie star in Hollywood, reviews a youth marked by the violence he suffered from his macho father.

Will Smith talks about his childhood

"When I was 9 years old, I saw my father punch my mother so hard on the head that she fainted. I saw her spitting blood. That moment, in that room, most likely more than any other moment in my life, has characterized what I am today, "commented the star of" I am a legend "and" Men in black. "

"Everything that I have accomplished since then, the honors and awards, the bright lights and the consideration of the media, the characters and the laughter, it has all been pushed aside by a discreet and rehash desire to apologize to my mother for me inaction that day. "

Smith mentioned in his book that his anger was so strong that he thought about killing his father

Will Smith remembers the aftermath of sexist violence that he experienced in his family
The famous actor Will Smith evokes the aftermath of sexist violence that lived in his family

At one point in the book, which was restructured by Zenith and composed with the help of Mark Manson (writer of "The Subtle Art of Fucking Nearly Everything"), Smith admits that he came to contemplate killing his own. Father, when he was ancient, he was terminal and totally dependent on everyone.

He claimed that he stopped on the staircase and could have pushed him down the steps, no one would have suspected, he mentioned in his memoirs. He spent many years of torment, outrage and hatred for his mind at that very moment.

Then he shook his head to refresh his mind and continued leading his old father to the bathroom.

How did famous actor Will Smith's career start?

Brought into the world in 1968, Will Smith went from being a working-class boy raised in West Philadelphia to becoming first a rap star and then a television series actor ("The Fresh Prince of Bel Air") and finally arrived to be a celebrity in the world of cinema.

"Will" is presented as the story of an individual who discovers how to take responsibility for his feelings and urges all readers to do the same. In his memoirs, the actor tells how, despite feeling that he had won the lottery of life, his family did not see him as such, and they felt like "visiting artists" in the bazaar of his life.

From his beginnings as a rapper, he reveals that he was analyzed a lot for being middle class and not "a troublemaker who sold drugs".

"I went to a Catholic school with a large part of white children up to the age of fourteen, my mother was a school teacher and my father, despite all his shortcomings, always had food on the table and would have died above leaving his children, "mentioned the actor.

However, when he acquired his first million dollars when he was only 20 years old, he began to surround himself with street dealers, he says, and to squander wildly.

Smith went bankrupt early in his acting career

In a new meeting at the Savoy Theater in London with the individual actor Idris Elba where they met to discuss his memoirs, Smith revealed that at the time he was fined by the Treasury.

This fine left him bankrupt for not covering tax expenses, and he was forced to sell each of his properties and acquire $10,000 from a fellow street drug dealer to move to Los Angeles and start his acting career.