Gemini Man has a release date: October 11, 2019

 Jender Milano
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Will Smith is one of those actors whose career seems to have an infinite ascent, the years go by and the one we met as a crazy boy in The Prince of Rap continues to impress with good performances in excellent films, that is the case of his role in Gemini Man, a futuristic movie with a most interesting plot.

Gemini Man has a release date: October 11, 2019 – Movie News – WebMediums

Henry Brogan (Will Smith) is a mercenary, hit man, a tough guy who does dirty work for hire, in short a real contract killer who requires his services. Upon reaching a certain age, Henry Brogan realizes that it is not easy for someone with his trade to go that far and decides to retire in time to spend his last days in peace... but it will not be so easy.

Brogan notices that he is being pursued by someone as skilled and even more so than him, his rival tries to assassinate him and even though he applies all his strength and intelligence, his tactics, he cannot prevent that murderer from continuing to hunt him down, until he understands everything: The murderer is the same Henry Brogan but many years younger. Someone has made this clone that has all his abilities but with the strength of youth, to exterminate him.

Old Will Smith Vs Young Will Smith

This is how we can define this story that also allows us to enjoy Smith's great capacity on the big screen. The war between these two men or the two versions of it never seems to be defined and when we finally see that one of the two can win, an even bigger surprise awaits (no spoiler).

The film will be directed by the same Hulk director, Ang Lee, and the cast includes: Clive Owen (The City of a Thousand Planets), Benedict Wong (Dr Strange), Mary Elizabeth Winstead, among other film greats.

With the phrase "Who will protect you from yourself"? Gemini Man promises us a good action movie and for Will Smith fans, a double dose for uncontrolled consumption in theaters next October.