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9 free streaming services to watch movies and series

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On the internet we can find many options to enjoy free streaming audiovisual content. However, many platforms have advertising to be able to somehow finance the option of being free for users who access it.

In some of the cases, the pages make content available to you that is not copyrighted, either because the author assigned rights or because it is a public domain.

9 free streaming services to watch movies and series – News – WebMediums

In most cases, these platforms offer content that is only accessible from certain countries. Although there is a way to access content that is limited in certain places by installing VPN services.


This medium has high content of short and feature films of very good quality, many of the contents that appear are independent productions, it should be noted that some of the titles have commercials.

It also has an application called on demand, which gives the user access to make a payment to obtain more content in movies and TV movies.


This is a fully available streaming service but only for the United States. To access it, you just have to connect directly to the IMDb site from a laptop or computer or using Amazon Fire TV devices.

3. Internet Archive

This platform has 3 million videos at its disposal, in addition to series and movies in the public domain, that is, everyone can access it. Its name is very consistent with what it offers because it saves hundreds of digital files. In addition to audiovisual content, it has books for lovers of reading and software for its visitors to enjoy, learn and explore without limits of time and cost.

4. Youtube

It is the platform best known by most users, where you can find music, movies that are in the public domain when copyright expires. You can access the contents by placing in the search engine, for example: “public domain films”. Another option is to go to channels that have this content like The Paramount Vault.

Public domain movies can be put on the platform by any user, as long as they comply with the community rules and logically the copyright has expired.

YouTube has a platform called YouTube Movies where you can buy or, if necessary, rent full movies with excellent quality. There is also YouTube premium that has series and movies.

On the other hand, YouTube Premium members have access to YouTube Originals (which offers series and movies), as part of their paid membership.

5. Roku Channel

It gives access to movies, series and programs from its own channel and others available such as Sony Crackle or Popcornflix. Getting access to the platform at no cost is very easy, you just have to create an account on said portal and it is not necessary to have a Roku stick device. It is clear that the platform is available in the United States.

9 free streaming services to watch movies and series – News – WebMediums

6. Cinema.Ar

Platform of the Argentine country where videos are available according to the video demand of INCAA and ARSAT, it is practical because its content can be enjoyed from anywhere in the world; from your mobile or computer, it also has national content such as: series, movies, shorts and documentaries at no cost.

7. Tube

The platform has a wide variety of movies and TV series. In particular, this is financed with advertising, that is, commercials appear during the viewing of the videos.


It has to offer around a thousand films, highlighting the classics of cinema such as Hitchcock or Stanley Kubrick, among others. Provides digital and audio books. very similar to the service offered at the Internet Archive.

9. Kanopy

It offers a digital bookstore, available to various libraries in the United States and many universities around the world. If you want your service to be free, you must first check if this library has an agreement or association by going directly to the website.

9 free streaming services to watch movies and series – News – WebMediums