Another herd attack occurs in Spain

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At a concert in the beach of Can Pastilla, in Palma de Mallorca, a new case of herd attack is presented again, this time the victims were a 14-year-old girl, her friend and her 16-year-old brother, were attacked by a man older than them.

Another herd attack occurs in Spain – News – WebMediums

The attack began when this Friday at dawn two young women were heading home, after the concert that was taking place in the area had ended.

A group of 7 men surround them, insinuate grotesque and harassing things at them, the girls continue to walk, but the men take them by force by the arms and hair with the idea of restraining them.

The two young women manage to get away from the men by lashing out at them with fists and kicks, and they manage to get loose from them, they run down the street even when they ask for help, but no one lends it to them, and then they go to one of her brother's for help.

The young man identified as "M" to protect his identity, he claims the men telling them; "Aren't you ashamed of trying to abuse a 14-year-old girl?" And immediately one of them hits his face and the others join the attack, giving him multiple blows to the body and face, which caused a jaw fracture and trauma to the entire body.

The beatings were stopped by one of the same men who was with the stalkers, who told the others to stop, he also accompanied them to a place where they could ask for help. The mother says she is grateful to this young man because she assures that if it had not been for him, things would have ended worse.

The authorities managed to find a video through the cameras that were in the place, allowing them to identify some attackers.