Barron Trump reappears, the youngest son of Donald Trump

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Barron Trump, 13, has reappeared in front of the cameras in the company of his father Donald Trump and his mother Melania Trump. For a while he has been off-camera and keeping his privacy. Now, he looks a little taller than usual, also with a different wardrobe than the traditional one.

Barron Trump reappears, the youngest son of Donald Trump – News – WebMediums

Barron Trump ditches the traditional suit to pose a bit more like a boy his age. Several rumors have been created as a result of Barron's behavior, especially if he was a boy with developmental problems, something that has not been confirmed by any fear and that many are afraid to ask Donald Trump.

Barron Trump's appearance comes after the US press began to ask about his presence at international events where Trump was invited. An isolated behavior to what were the first months of mandate, where his son accompanied him dressed like his father everywhere. The last big tour was in 2017, since then Barron's appearances have been very few.

However, at the request of Donald Trump and Melania Trump, their son cannot be the subject of interviews or reports, since unlike the daughters of Obama or Clinton, Barron does not fulfill his figure as the son of president. Therefore, the press cannot consult the minor for anything or try to consult other sources.

The Trump family is getting bigger and bigger. The president's sons continue to expand their inheritance, while managing the businesses left by their father. Although Trump has always stated that the help he gives him is very little, having his father's last name makes things much easier, so it is not surprising that the wives of Trump men adopt his last name in a time when this is seen as sexism.

Among the little that is known about Barron Trump, it is known that he is a boy who likes Golf, video games and soccer. He has declared himself a fan of Arsenal and even attended the games that were played in the United States.

Barron Trump reappears, the youngest son of Donald Trump – News – WebMediums