Biden analyzes emigration between the borders of Mexico and the United States

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Biden analyzes emigration between the borders of Mexico and the United States

Security and compassion to immigrants

Historically, United States has resorted to dissuasion, to prevent people from going to the border, Come in Mexico and United States. The president Joe Biden, is intimately acquainted, with these challenges, since it was vice president, during the increase of children, not accompanied in 2014 and previously, he supervised the efforts, in order to address the fundamental causes of emigration.

By developing him program of immigration, Biden, he has also had to face, the reality of emigration and the obstacles politicians that accompany her, what sometimes, has put her administration on the defensive. Biden he resisted signing the increase of the limit of refugees of the era of former president Trump, later it was that increase.

It is trying to trace, a path distinct, to that of the previous administration, where there will be policies just and human, especially in the treatment of people, who are undocumented, and they are stopped.

The White House announces the measures that the Government has taken for immigration

Biden analyzes emigration between the borders of Mexico and the United States

The White House, published recently, a document that summarizes, all the measurement that the Government has taken to address the immigration and outline your project, for an immigration system just, safe and tidy. Includes any effort of the posts public to discourage the immigration irregular and be able to provide roads legal and safe.

The plans are not going to serve, to inform the focus of the Government, on immigration. During years, if not decades, immigration has been more, a cultural debate, than a debate political or one politics. The administration you must find the way, of being able to talk about the debate, about cultures and values, which really drive, the rhetoric of the immigration.

The White House, also impulse, its strategy to address, the deepest causes of emigration in Central America, where thousands of migrant flee from the poverty and violence. The strategy was committed to invest resources and instill hope in that region, the Government from the State United, to said, who is working, to be able to provide roads safe and legal entrance to United States from the region, but there are also a few options for those looking for asylum.

Border Crisis as the Republicans affirm

The republicans have blamed, the President's policies of promoting immigration, nicking it the crisis border, the crisis from Biden it is located coming out from control, it is a security crisis national, a crisis of health publicly, a crisis humanitarian.

Principal investigator of the Institute of Immigration Policy

Muzaffar. Chishi., praised the actions of the Administration, in immigration issues.

1- Reduction of the scope of the application of the law from immigration.

2- the termination of the prohibitions of travel and broadcast from visa.

3- the expansion of a form of help humanitarian, known as Status from Protection Temporary.

Biden analyzes emigration between the borders of Mexico and the United States