China's new supersonic cruise missile

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A new missile from China has surprised the international community as one of a kind. Until now, no country had knowledge of the power that a supersonic cruise missile created by China can achieve.

China's new supersonic cruise missile – News – WebMediums

However, China made a mistake during its video and allowed the missile to be seen for a few seconds, long enough for the internet to download it, since minutes later the video was edited and only the missile was observed in motion.

South China Morning Post was in charge of publishing the details of the video and assures that it is a cruise-type missile with supersonic characteristics. The Missile Force of the Chinese People's Liberation Army edited the images so that they did not see the details of the missile, but it was too late as many analysts watched the power.

For now, it is believed that it can reach the speed of sound and travel at least 1,000 kilometers. In addition, experts assure that its system is designed to avoid electronic interference or intercept anti-missiles, which makes it a weapon of high intensity and destruction.

China's new supersonic cruise missile – News – WebMediums
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Nuevo misil de crucero supersónico de China
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