The US will send troops to Saudi Arabia with a defensive mission

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While Iran continues to deny its involvement in the attacks on the Saudi Arabian refinery, Donald Trump ordered him to send troops to the Arab country in order to establish a defensive perimeter.

The US will send troops to Saudi Arabia with a defensive mission

The United States does not want war, but if economic blockades

The United States, who hours before had sanctioned the National Bank of Iran, ended up sending troops to Arabia, in order to protect the interests of the allied country and its own in terms of oil extraction.

At the moment, it is known that the troops will only be "land and area defenses", but that it does not imply an invasion of any other country. In addition, it was called a "moderate deployment of troops", as a way to reinforce the borders. Experts say that these statements show that Trump is not interested in starting a war against Iran, a country that has warned that if it is attacked, it will respond with great force.

Donald Trump maintains his economic offensive, with blockades, sanctions and political attacks, moving away from military conflicts, although he warns that military intervention is always an option.

The President of the United States indicated that his nuclear power is ready to be used, but that he does not want to use it unless provoked. It is a way of warning Iran's leaders about the possible attack.

Mohammad Javad Zarif, foreign minister, assured that if the United States or any other country attacks his country, a total war will be unleashed. He warned that Iran would not stand idly by in the face of a military conflict.

For now, it is known that the United States will cut off all sources of income from monetary funds to Iran, seeking that no money enters Iran and that they have to give in to US demands. For the moment, the United States wants a political and dialogue solution, so the actions of each one must be awaited over the next few days.