Climate change and the peoples of the Arctic and Pacific

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It has been years of just looking and watching how little by little many peoples of the Arctic and the Pacific are being affected by climate change.

Entire populations are about to lose their lands and who have had to flee in search of safe places where the water does not literally reach their neck.

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Indigenous populations vulnerable to climate change

For these families, leaving their town is not an option but a necessity.

His main concern is the thousands of years of culture and tradition that are latent there, as well as all the ancestors that would remain there.

These are really tough decisions for these families, who in the end will have no choice but to find another place to call home.

It will be a massive displacement; in addition to being forced by the constant rise in sea level due to the phenomenon of climate change.

Large peoples threatened by climate change

All the peoples of northern Scandinavia already feel all the consequences of climate change in their territories, warming is imminent.

It is observed how the snow is less and less and global warming is present.

Animals struggle to survive or adapt, but it is becoming increasingly difficult for them.

And on the Arctic side, the towns located in Alaska and Canada; They fight equally to adapt to all this alteration and to save their culture that is based on hunting.

It is not easy, it is difficult for all of them to think about emigrating to other lands, for them their soul and heart is there, but the decision is closer and closer to becoming a reality.

For them the Arctic is their homeland, but it is undeniable that adapting to this new reality due to climate change is very difficult for them.

However, they consider themselves a strong population, deeply rooted in their ancestors and their cultures, and they still hope to get ahead.