Does the gay gene really exist?

Suria Ibañez
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Much has been said about whether homosexuality is created or has to do with genetics, opinions are divided between the scientific community and the LGTB + community and until recently that really remained a mystery. However, recently a scientific study was conducted involving thousands of people, to be a little more exact about half a million people.

Does the gay gene really exist? – News – WebMediums

The study of the homosexual gene

The study was basically trying to test whether not a homosexual gene really exists. The one in charge of publishing the results of this study was the journal Science.

After analyzing the genetics of these people it was found that although there is no such gene that predisposes homosexuality if there is a genetic variant. For the LGTB + community the results did not leave them satisfied, even at the same time the community asked that attention be focused on avoiding discrimination against them.

The data was collected from the companies Biobank and 23andMe, both companies are dedicated to the study of the human genome, therefore the results of this study are reliable. Initially, the information extracted was to know if people had been intimate with people of the same sex and people of the opposite sex, the question asked was to find out whom they felt the most attraction to. From there, the basis of genetic research was made.

Researchers from Massachusetts, Harvar, from the University of Amsterdam, among some researchers from other institutions, participated in the study of the homosexual gene.

This study does not mean that there are no genetic variants that could perhaps influence homosexuality, however, it maintains that there is no gene as such that predetermines it.

What is known is that society has advanced and today there is more respect for everyone regardless of sexual orientation and that makes us happy.

Does the gay gene really exist? – News – WebMediums
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¿Existe realmente el gen gay?
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