Donald Trump fires John Bolton via Twiiter

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Donald Trump, apparently without consulting his work team and of his own accord, fired John Bolton. Bolton's criticism of the dialogues that the United States is trying to carry out with Iran and North Korea have exceeded the patience of Donald Trump, who called for his resignation.

Donald Trump fires John Bolton via Twiiter – News – WebMediums
John Bolton
I informed John Bolton last night that we no longer need his services at the White House. He strongly disagreed with many suggestions, as did others in the Administration, so I asked him for his resignation and he gave it to me this morning. I am very grateful to John for his service, I will appoint a new National Security Advisor next week.

However, John Bolton himself denied Trump. Bolton assures that during the night he told the president that his resignation was on the table, however, the president told him to wait one more day to think about it.

But although the secretary and vice president planned to hold a press conference and warned of possible changes, Donald Trump stepped out of his cabinet and fired Bolton directly from his Twitter.

It should be noted that this was an announced resignation. For weeks Bolton and Trump disagreed on the same thing when it came to national security. An announcement about national security was expected for a few days, but the dismissal via Twitter was not in anyone's plans.

Donald Trump has always taken advantage of his personal profiles and social networks. Some experts consider that his "strike first" behavior shows him as a man of great authority, when it really is someone who does not want some of his weaknesses discovered.

Immediately, the White House announces the possible replacements, who are fully convinced of the Trump philosophy and seek to bring power to his mandate.