Donald Trump threatens New York Fashion Week

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One of the most anticipated events in New York is Fashion Week. Now, several designers have been removed from the lists of possible participants, due to the event being held at the Hudson Yards.

The reason, Hudson Yards is owned by Stephen Ross, one of the main supporters that Donald Trump has had during his government and who has been openly and publicly a total admirer of the President of the United States.

Stephen Ross with Donald Trump

Ideology is what weighs in this situation. The international community does not tolerate the behavior of President Trump, in addition, much of the fashion is being bought in Asian countries, which are the most affected by Trump's tariff measures.

Although events had already been held at Hudson Yards in the past and there were no problems with Stephen Ross, everything changed when The Washington Post published a report on Ross. This man organized an event where dinner cost $100,000 and $250,000 for a photo with Trump. All to raise funds for the electoral campaign.

“Ross is not the majority investor in Equinox. The company, in fact, will donate a million dollars to different humanitarian associations to give back what these communities have given us” was the response of Harvey Spevak, partner and CEO of a chain of gyms where Ross also invests.

However, the US press picked up a list of donations made by these companies that seek to cover up the idea that they support Trump, through charitable causes of large sums of money.

Now, every time his business group tries to describe behavior or justify an investment, new causes and problems arise, all related to Trump.

In short, any parade or event that will take place there will be linked to the greed of a millionaire who has robbed the poor, manipulated city council funds and who uses his money to support the most homophobic and racist president in contemporary history… Philip Picardi in an open letter to Business of Fashion.

This list of designers has been joined by other national and international figures who are disengaging from the Trump government. This has made New York Fashion Week the main affected, and it is believed that if it were held it would be a failure and would only attract negative international attention.


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