Electoral fraud in Guatemala

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#ElectoralFraud, with this hashtag the different Guatemalans have manifested about the irregularities that according to the citizens are being presented. From this means, we have compiled some serious denunciations of the process to choose a new president in Guatemala.

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Is there Electoral Fraud in Guatemala?

The main complaints go against Sandra Torres, the candidate allegedly has ballots marked with her name and are being entered into the polls as valid votes.

Another case was the one reported by a user that collects as several names of important media are being supplanted by false accounts that are also publishing news that seek to confuse the electorate. News ranging from simple memes, to scoops that assure that candidate X has been arrested for corruption.

Kevin Sanchez, a voter said "At the table where he had to vote for my mother, her name was already signed on the list. When the voting center coordinator came to question the board of votes, they only said that they had been confused. " what would show that people who have not reached the polling stations, were already marked as participants in the election.

Another case is the issue of the vote for the blind, some say that many blind people allegedly voted conscientiously when the ballot papers do not have braille, which is the minimum system for a blind person to identify who wants to vote.

Other complaints came through an anonymous account, which ensures that in their locality began to distribute food since yesterday and continue to do so today in order for people to vote for their own candidates.

María Tobar de Valle said "Today I was a victim of the corruption that exists in this country, my ballot as president was already marked by the UNE party, I denounce that I passed in the table 2595 of the experimental Institute of basic education María Magdalena Ponce de Veliz, although they would not let me try to record what I could and leave it here " ending that please share your complaints.

During the morning, there were violent disturbances in Esquipulas Palo Gordo, where the police force had to capture at least 6 people for the crime of public disorder. All began when a political party began to treat its adversaries as corrupt, who responded to the blows. When the police entered, they ended up fighting three different groups of people, which kept the sector paralyzed for about an hour while the situation was solved. Here we expand the news:

However, the bad news came from Jorge Zacapa, where Enrique Degenhart i announce that the elections in this municipality were suspended because there were no people attending the election party as it was called by Degenhart. The reason, all the electoral juries were threatened with death if they continued exercising this task. The news was expanded in this note.

But the main complaint of Electoral Fraud came through the video that we present below. Where the complainant assures that the ballot they gave her was marked by the UNE candidate. The electoral juries are noted with shame, seeking to cover their face to avoid being left in evidence by the woman who bothers, try to prove fraud.

Other of the complaints that we have known is about the electoral groups in the limit of the voting entries. What they do is try to promote a change of the voter's idea, giving him cards marked with prizes, lunches, construction materials or money. All they have to do is enter the position and take a picture of the vote made by the candidate, when they leave, they simply show the photo to the person in charge and they give him the respective prize. What is known as illegal vote buying.

Already people are known demonstrating that if the UNE party candidate is the winner, the population would take to the streets to demonstrate against.

We will continue informing about Electoral fraud in Guatemala y Fraud in the elections in Guatemala.

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Fraude Electoral en Guatemala
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