Farmers shoot vegan activist after she stole 16 rabbits

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A vegan activist denounced an attack that she herself provoked. Farmers reportedly shot him in the car window after invading private property and releasing 16 rabbits.

The activist uploaded the video to her Instagram account and told her version of events. Apparently the event happened in Spain. The activists invaded the farm and were surprised by the farmers who according to her were "extremely aggressive" and went out to beat them with metal rods.

Farmers shoot vegan activist after she stole 16 rabbits – News – WebMediums

Vegan activists act breaking the law and invading private spaces

Faced with this situation, they called the police who controlled the situation. According to her, the farmers chased them on the highway to a closed alley where they were surrounded by five cars. The vegans desperately called on the police to help them out of this problem.

However, when they were taken to safety they were again by the farmers who shot the vehicle. According to the woman “the most important thing is that non-human animals are safe”. Vegans will now try to sue the farmers.

Social media was mostly on the side of the farmers. They do not understand how a group of activists enters private property to steal animals. In addition, they hope to be received with open arms.

Other users said that the best way to free them is to buy them and set them free, but they cannot mess with the farmers' finances.

So far no more versions of the case are known, although it is striking that these types of groups are becoming a security problem and can end in serious legal consequences for vegans.

The vegan does not allow anyone to comment on her videos, which shows that she is not willing to receive criticism for what she does.