Haitian migrants are desperate at the US border

Grecia De Flores
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In the last few hours the different videos and images have been viral where several border agents belonging to the United States, pursue and cornered Haitian migrants, while the officers are mounted on horseback. All this as part of an apparent cord that is located near the Rio Grande, which is a zone of the little town of Del Río, Texas. These images and videos have generated a great rejection throughout the hospital community, and they began to light the alarms and controversies throughout the country.

The scenes that were collected by AFP and Reuters, this situation occurred in the midst of the recent immigration crisis that is presented at the border, which led 12,000 migrants who are mostly Haitian, They will be retained within an improvised camp located under a bridge, which connects to “of the river” with Ciudad Acuña, in Mexico.

During these moments, the police could be observed using whips, with whom they sought to repress migrants, although they were justifying them by saying that they were reins. As if it were a hunt in the middle of the desert, the different horsemen on horseback came to load against migrant with some torras and also whips, at the same time that they stopped migrants in the most humiliating ways That it was possible to treat a human being.

Haitian migrants are desperate at the US border – News – WebMediums

On the other hand, the government of the United States began on Sunday with the deportation of hundreds of migrants, while closing the border crossing of the river, so other hundred haitians came to the Mexican side in the midst of a great cloud of uncertainty and sadness.

Such humiliating treatment was only present at first, where chaos and disorder came into being. The images that were distributed worldwide, showed how the different police officers carried various instruments in their hands, which some of those present came to describe as "whips", to which the different authorities assured that they were only "reins". which are used by the guard to "guarantee control of the horse."

There was a broad government rejection

The day Monday Jen Psaki, who was the press secretary of the White House, I express his opinion on which I affirm that no person who saw the images, would see this as an acceptable or ethical attitude. However, she affirmed she does not have a complete context which will help you give a more accorded or appropriate explanation for the situation. In addition, she affirmed that under any concept or situation, the agents of the government of the United States, should have again the capacity or thought of replicating these actions again.

PSAI ensure that images and recordings are in total horrible, so they will be investigated as soon as possible. Similarly, the congressman belonging to the Democratic Party Ilhan Omar, called such actions of border agents as an abuse towards human rights, these are also cruel, inhuman treatment and a complete violation of national laws and international.

Likewise, Alejandro Mayorkas who is the secretary of National Security of the United States, assured different international chains that these facts will be further investigated to find the culprits of it.

Ask to close the Trump era in an appropriate manner

It was known that by the Democrat Charles Schumer, it was reached to insist on the guidelines and legal basound that must be taken into account on the deportation of Haitian immigrants that reach the border between the United States and Mexico.

Depending on this, the administration of the President Joe Biden became enabled about four daily flights, for those asylum seekers who have been rejected. This seeks to relocate them in a country that can receive them; Decision that challenges decency and common sense, according to Schumer.

Likewise, the Senator made a request urgently to the Secretary of National Security, Alejandro Mayards, in order to end the policies created during the mandate of the Donald Trump President (2017-2021) which allows The accelerated expulsion of any type of person and more if this is undocumented on the border.