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In California, they fear that the "Big One" will occur after two days of earthquakes

 Jender Milano
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The "Big One" theory, as a major earthquake that could occur in Los Angeles is known, follows a warning made by scientists and seismic specialists. Specifically, the warning of several scientists was what gave rise to this theory, apparently forces have been accumulated on the faults, especially on the gigantic San Andreas Fault, so that when the earthquake is released it is gigantic.

The collective memory deals with keeping fresh the memory of a terrible earthquake that occurred in 1857. The epicenter was generated in the San Andreas Fault, if it occurred at this time, with the increase in the population and structures in the area, the results would be a real catastrophe.

In California, they fear that the "Big One" will occur after two days of earthquakes
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Millions of people fear the Big One

Although earthquakes are impossible to predict, the statistical fact that this type of event is always repeated every 150-200 years and 162 years after that gigantic earthquake, makes millions nervous about the possibility that the fault will once again be the epicenter of an earthquake that this time would have thousands of buildings collapsing on the surface.

The two recent seismic events were strong, it is something that should be made clear. The only reason there are not thousands of victims is that the earthquakes occurred in an area with little or no population. Lucile Bruhat, a specialist at the ENS geophysics laboratory in Paris, France, explains that these earthquakes did not occur directly in the San Andreas Fault, but this is both worrying: the energy accumulated in San Andreas is still there, latent.

Experts continue to warn of the proximity of the Big One

In the opinion of the experts, the most convenient thing for the population would be that the sooner what will inevitably be presented is presented. A movement that originates in the San Andreas Fault will unleash all the accumulated energy, it is something terrible but every year that passes is worse because more and more energy is accumulated.

CalTech Geology professor Jean-Philippe Avouac says that even movements generated outside the fault, by extending, could reach the fault and the result would be the same. There are studies by specialized institutions that place the number of possible affected people at more than 50,000 people, but since they were made more than 10 years ago, the figure could be even higher.

A virtual study/drill conducted by USGS performed a simulation for a possible 7.8 magnitude earthquake east of the city of Los Angeles. The figures are terrifying, almost 2,000 dead and more than 5,000 injured would be the victims of such an earthquake according to this institute. The losses would add up to more than $200 billion. This is why millions of Americans in the area have been preparing for years.

It is not known when, but the Big One will happen, and it is best to be prepared.