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Know the 5 habits of Queen Elizabeth II that you should copy

At 95, the queen is in good health and has some secrets for her longevity

Veronica Morao
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Know the 5 habits of Queen Elizabeth II that you should copy
Queen isabel II

Queen Elizabeth II, born in 1926, celebrates the longest reign in history. However, King Louis XIV, known as the Sun King, remains in first place with 72 years on the throne.

For his long life, he has a series of habits to stay healthy, despite having presented certain problems last year.

5 healthy habits that Queen Elizabeth practices to be well

1. It is not exposed to the sun

For decades, the monarch has avoided exposing herself to the sun at any time, to keep her skin protected. He even does it on his vacation at Balmoral Castle, far from Tropical Scotland.

In addition to this, the queen does not use any type of makeup, and the creams she uses are not expensive. One of his favorite products is from the Cyclax brand, and they have prices of less than ten euros.

2. It stays in constant activity

Another secret is to be in constant movement, to stay active. In all the ceremonies it rises whenever it is necessary.

In October of last year, the monarch could be seen at an event using a cane. A royal source said that although this is very rare, he used it for convenience.

The queen is not used to sitting at her desk all day. In addition, he tends to take great care of his sleeping time, so he tries to rest every night, seven hours and wake up at 7:30 am

Another of her favorite activities is horseback riding and walking her dogs, when she has room in her busy schedule.

3. Good nutrition

The queen always opts for simple dishes, like her favorite “chicken with salad”. Another of the queen's favorite rituals is sandwiches, buns and tea.

In 2020, the book “Long Live the Queen: 23 Rules for Living as Britain's Longest Reigning Monarch” was published by Bryan Kozlowski, in which he noted that the monarch always gets the smallest slice of the pie..

She follows the dietitians' advice to treat herself to sweets on special occasions.

Darren McGrady, Isabel's former personal chef, indicated that she maintains a good diet, and that one of the rules was that there would be no starch on her plate: no rice, no pasta, no potatoes at dinner.

4. Nothing in excess

Dickie Arbiter, her former press secretary, stated that it was very strange to see the queen downing more than one unit of alcohol.

Chef McGradi noted that the monarch drank four alcoholic beverages daily, just as the queen mother did.

The ritual consisted of: “A gin with Dubonnet, a slice of lemon and lots of ice before lunch. A dry Martini to accompany your meals, which almost always end with an ounce of chocolate and a glass of wine, and before going to bed a glass of champagne”.

The former secretary also commented that although people smoked a lot when she was young, the queen never caught her attention, nor was she tempted to do so.

5. Mental exercises

Intellectual activity generates a lucid and strengthened old age. Currently, Queen Elizabeth continues to practice it, and it is of great help when meeting with politicians of all kinds, since they keep it in force.

Arbiter commented that Elizabeth II receives her government documents from any country, reads them and writes her correspondence. Just as he studies and prepares for his hearings, and talks with anyone.

The monarch's favorite pastime is to offer assistance to prime ministers in briefings at Buckingham Palace, on constitutional or political issues in which they have no knowledge, added Kozlowski.