Leonardo DiCaprio donates $5 million to rescue the Amazon

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Leonardo DiCaprio is an actor committed to the environment and whenever he is asked about his life, career, movies or his partners, he ends up diverting attention to the environmental cause. However, he is one of the actors who speak and act, so his foundation will send 5 million dollars to save the Amazon.

Leonardo DiCaprio donates $5 million to rescue the Amazon – News – WebMediums

The foundation sent an international press release warning that there are more than 9000 active forest fires and that they urgently need to be put out. Earth Alliance, is the name of the Leonardo DiCaprio foundation, which he shares with Laurene Powell Jobs and Brian Sheth.

The foundation published on its social networks the photo of a forest fire in Brazil and assures that it is concerned about all the biodiversity that is being lost as a result of the destruction of the fire. The international community is against Bolsonaro and his policies, since it took him two weeks to send some soldiers to control the flames.

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most representative voices against climate change. His words are practically orders to environmentalists, who trust the actor's commitment to preserving the environment.

But of course criticism is always the order of the day. The actor is criticized for riding his private jet and this because last weekend they were at a private Google event that reported 114 flights among all attendees, which represents 100,000 kilos of carbon dioxide for the atmosphere.

However, the G7 (7 most important countries in the world) only destined 20 million dollars for the fires, which means that Leonardo DiCaprio destined 25% of an investment that should be greater since they are the 7 countries that most pollute globally.