Mass death of elephants from suspected poisoning

Suria Ibañez
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Society in general is now more aware of how important it is to take care of the environment. However, some people still don't understand it or just don't want to see it. Although it is difficult to take care of all living beings, it is essential to become aware of how important each living being is in the world.

Mass death of elephants from suspected poisoning – News – WebMediums

Elephants reportedly killed by farmers

In the town of Sri Lanka the death of 4 elephants was reported. Later the figure increased to 7 elephants, among them was a pregnant female.

It is presumed that around 200 elephants die in Siri Lanka each year due to being killed by farmers from various causes. Among the most common causes are that elephants due to their size destroy farmers' crops causing anger in them and presumably causing the death of elephants.

The situation causes outrage in some people since they say that the human being is the one who should respect the habitat of the animals since we are the ones who come to invade them destroying their homes.

The island's police reported that the cause of death could be presumably for two reasons. The first due to malnutrition and the second due to poisoning by farmers.

Likewise, it was added that the reduction of elephants in the area has been considerable since at the beginning it was carried out and there were 12,000 copies and currently there are only 7,000. That means almost half of the species. In addition, it should be remembered that because the elephant is a sacred species in that area, whoever is guilty could be punished since it is classified as a crime.

There is no doubt that although sometimes we feel that animals are the ones who invade or impede development, it is important to remember that most of the time we are the invaders, and we must respect life.

Mass death of elephants from suspected poisoning – News – WebMediums