Record heat wave causes catastrophes in Europe

Cristian García
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Europe is experiencing a serious time due to its climatic conditions, which cause it to reach extremely high temperatures that could put its entire population at risk. The most alarming case is France, a country that has already declared a red alert in 20 of its departments.

Record heat wave causes catastrophes in Europe – News – WebMediums

Paris, a recognized city in France, broke its own record after having the highest temperature in the region since 1947. In this way, the region experienced a heat wave that stood at 42.6 degrees Celsius, a value higher than the 40.4 degrees of the last century. For this reason, several cities in France are already in a state of red alert.

On the other hand, Belgium reached, this Wednesday, the temperature of 39.9 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, Germany and the Netherlands generated temperatures of 41.5 and 41.7 degrees respectively. All this would reflect this incredible heat wave that Europe would be experiencing this season.

These high temperatures appear to last for a very short time. Specialists have already commented that, for Friday, a gradual decrease in what would be these high temperatures that are being experienced throughout Europe is expected.

Death of a child in Austria due to the heat wave in Europe

The worst case scenario was in Austria, a country where temperatures are expected to reach 38 degrees Celsius and where the death of a 3-year-old child due to dehydration has already been evidenced. This shows the serious consequences that this type of event can have on the world community.

The heat wave in Europe is something that has shocking the whole world, due to the constant environmental problems that are experienced throughout the world. Previously, it was evidenced, through a photograph taken in Greenland, how global warming is already producing its consequences on planet earth.

Record heat wave causes catastrophes in Europe – News – WebMediums
Photo: El País.